Can I park on speed humps?

    Speed humps do not create any new parking restrictions. Vehicles are allowed to park on a speed hump as long as there is no existing parking restriction signage indicating otherwise.

    How are locations of traffic calming devices determined?

    Traffic calming devices are spaced at regular and consistent spacing to help reduce the overall speed profile of the street. Factors such as existing lighting, driveways and sight lines are taken into consideration when locating the devices.

    Is there an increase in noise associated with the treatments?

    It is acknowledged that the installation of traffic calming treatments will create additional noise due to the braking and acceleration of vehicles at the treatment and travelling over the treatment in the case of vertical deflection devices such as speed humps; however it is considered they will provide a greater benefit to road safety within this road.

    Will there be an increase to street lighting at the treatments?

    In many cases depending on the existing street light output and width of the road, the installation of traffic calming devices requires an upgrade to the existing light to ensure the treatments are clearly visible to oncoming traffic at night in line with the standards; however it is considered they will provide a greater benefit to road safety within this road.

    Will the traffic calming treatments prevent hoon driving behaviour?

    Treatments are spaced at regular intervals to manage the overall speeds through the street.

    Council understands that hoon driving is an issue throughout Victoria; and hooning activities can occur irrespective of a street having traffic calming devices or not.  Unfortunately, there are no engineering solutions to curb reckless / careless driving behaviour as in most cases this is a chosen behaviour by the driver.  Police enforcement is the greatest deterrent for these drivers.

    The traffic calming devices will detour traffic onto other local roads to avoid treatments.

    The surrounding road network will be monitored in the future for any transference issues that may occur due to the installation of the traffic calming devices.

    Will the trafic calming devices affect emergency vehicle response times?

    The emergency operators (CFA, Ambulance Victoria and Police) are consulted as part of the consultation process and no objection is raised to the installation of treatments.