What is this forum about?

    The forum is an opportunity for you to come and have hyour say and input directly into our family violence pfrevention strategy and action plan. We want to reduce the amount fo family violence in the City of Casey, but we need your input to do that!

    Why do we need a family violence prevention strategy?

    For the past five years, the City of Casey has consistently had the highest number of reported family violence incidents among all Victorian municipalities. Casey also has the highest number of reported family violence offences with the presence of alcohol. The City of Casey has a significant family violence problem. Therefore, family violence is one of the most significant community safety issues within the City of Casey.

    Every week, at least one woman is murdered in Australia by her current or former partner. Interpersonal violence contributes to more preventable death, disability and illness for women between the ages of 15 – 44 in Victoria than any other preventable risk factor, and men’s violence against women is present in all parts of society. Whilst violence against women occurs in a variety of settings, it most commonly occurs in the home.

    Violence against women is an urgent public health and human rights issue that also has direct and indirect impacts on children. The City of Casey wants to improve this for our community and we need your input to do this.

    Who can attend?

    Anyone who resides in the City of Casey. We have free childcare and lunch to support mothers with young children. This event is for women, men, families, community leaders, anyone who wants their gvoice heard on this important tpopiuc!

    I cant make the event but want to be included. How can i do this?

    We will be keeping this page open for your input to be included until one week after the event, allowing enough time for you to have your say. There is a section to leave comments and we strongly envourage you to do this.