Who can I contact for more information?

    If you have any questions on the Hampton Park Central Development Plan and Master Plan, please contact Strategic Planner Estella Qing on eqing@casey.vic.gov.au or 9709 9361. 

    What is a Master Plan?

    A Master Plan is a document which shows how a site should be developed. It is a high-level plan showing the potential location of buildings, open space, and other relevant details. 

    Council develops Master Plans based on recommendations from analysing a site's constraints and opportunities. 

    What is a Development Plan?

    A Development Plan is a planning document which allows landowners, planners, and the community to understand what kind of development is allowed. The purpose of the Hampton Park Central Development Plan is to guide development of Hampton Park Central and inform decision-making when Council assesses planning permit applications.

    A Development Plan can only apply to land which is covered by a Development Plan Overlay.

    How does the draft Development Plan affect me?

    If you are a landowner in Hampton Park Central

    As a landowner in Hampton Park Central, the Development Plan affects how you can redevelop your land. Your land in Hampton Park Central is covered by a Development Plan Overlay which means that if you choose to redevelop your property, it will need to be generally in accordance with the Development Plan.

    Currently, any development needs to comply with the existing Hampton Park Development Plan. Should Council choose to adopt the new draft plan, any redevelopment will need to comply with the new Hampton Park Central Development Plan.

    If you are not a landowner in Hampton Park Central

    The Development Plan only applies to land within Hampton Park Central – that includes all of the shopping centre, and some residential properties which face the shopping centre. While this means that the Development Plan has no direct impact upon your property, Council values broader community input and wants to create a vibrant town centre which the community can be proud of.

    What will happen to the existing community facilities? (Such as the Arthur Wren Hall, Library, Community House etc.)

    As part of the draft Master Plan, Council is proposing building a new Community Hub which will include all existing facilities and services... and more!

    The current Library and Youth Information Centre buildings will be repurposed into the Family & Children's wing of the proposed Community Hub. This is where kindergarten, maternal child health, and day care services will be located. 

    To make way for the proposed Community Hub and Town Square, Council will need to demolish the current Community House, Kindergarten and Arthur Wren Hall buildings. These are older buildings that need renewal, and they are vital to the Hampton Park community so will all be included in the new Community Hub!

    When will the redevelopment of the Community Precinct happen?

    Council does not have a timeframe for the proposed Community Hub and other works in the Master Plan. Council will continue to keep the community updated about the project following exhibition and adoption of the draft plans.

    Who is going to build and pay for the redevelopment of Hampton Park Central as envisioned in these plans?

    Most of Hampton Park Central is privately owned - and Council cannot force private landowners into redeveloping their land. The redevelopment of the shopping centre areas will only occur if landowners choose to redevelop. However, the draft Development Plan sets out a clear vision for the town centre, with new planning guidelines that can help streamline and make redevelopment more attractive. 

    Council does have control of its own land - the Hampton Park Central Community Precinct Master Plan. The proposed Community Hub is expected to cost $27 million. Council will not be able to fund this facility on its own, and will be seeking funding from the State and Federal governments. Once adopted, the project will be subject to the availability of funding, on-going community feedback, and Capital Works Program priorities. Over time, Council officers will refine the Community Hub concept, so it can be staged in an appropriate manner and be delivered in a financially sustainable manner. 

    Why does Hampton Park Central need an updated development plan?

    The Hampton Park Central shopping centre area and community precinct has struggled over the years to achieve its full potential as the vibrant heart of Hampton Park. Over the last few years, the community has expressed frustration at the appearance and maintenance of Hampton Park Central. The major challenges for Hampton Park Central are a lack of access and street connections and a lack of well-designed buildings and public spaces.

    The current planning controls for the Hampton Park Central exist within the Hampton Park Development Plan (2018). Although this document was last updated in 2015, the relevant sections which apply to the town centre have not been updated since 2008. This Development Plan is outdated and needs reviewing to ensure development outcomes meet community expectations.

    The revised Development Plan is intended to improve the planning controls and make them clearer and understandable for landowners.

    What’s different between the old and new Development Plan for Hampton Park Central?

    Council has reviewed the Hampton Park Development Plan (2015) and is proposing a new version which is the draft Hampton Park Central Development Plan (2018). The new draft Development Plan provides greater clarity about how landowners can redevelop their properties in Hampton Park Central and intends to guide the future revitalisation of the town centre.

    The key ideas of the new draft Development Plan include:

    • A new street network with the realigned Main Street and north-south streets which will help create a walkable town centre.
    • New urban design guidelines which will help create a village character for Hampton Park.
    • New environment and landscape guidelines which will help create a green Hampton Park Central which strongly connects to the River Gum Creek. 

    Will there still be car parking in Hampton Park Central?

    Any redevelopment of the retail areas will still require car parking to be included in accordance with the Casey Planning Scheme.

    The draft Development Plan encourages integrated car parking - such as basement or rooftop car parking. This is instead of creating large areas of at-grade car parking areas which are neither visually attractive nor safe for pedestrians. At-grade car parking will still be allowed along streets.