This is a State Government project.

Residents are reminded that the works associated with the State Government’s Level Crossing Removal Project are subject to change and residents seeking the most up-to-date information are encouraged to visit the Level Crossing Removal Authority’s website at this link:

What is Council’s role in the level crossing removal projects?

These are State Government projects.

Council is trying to influence important local aspects of the project/s to get better connectivity outcomes for the local community, but Council is not the decision-maker.

Council is advocating for quality design, minimal disruption and support for local businesses and residents.

Where are the level crossing removals?

The State Government is removing five level crossings in the City of Casey.

These projects will bring significant changes for these areas, such as new open spaces and less congestion, however, they will also bring about other changes such as changes to the environment and disruption during construction. Council is not the decision-maker, however, Council is committed to working with the State Government authorities to deliver quality design outcomes that provide maximum community value and connectivity.