What is the proposal?

    A planning application for a place of worship located at 365 -367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North.

    How is this application different to the 2016 application?

    The proposal differs from the previous application in relation to the building location within the site, the building design, layout, access and building height 

    What decision did Council make in 2016?

    Council refused the previous application to develop a place of worship, on a number of grounds and following an objection by VicRoads.

    As Vicroads (as the determining authority) objected, Council (as the responsible authority), was obligated to refuse the planning permit under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The objection from VicRoads focused on the application being premature and not representing orderly planning given that insufficient information was provided to allow an informed decision.

    In addition, Council had concerns about the proposed height, bulk and prominence of the building design within its context and the lack of information on number of important considerations. 


    ·  The proposal has been assessed by Council against the requirements of the Casey Planning Scheme.

    ·  The application proposes 226 carparking spaces.

    ·  The Casey Planning Scheme requires 111 carparking spaces for the proposal. 

    Inappropriate location

    ·  A Place of Worship is a discretionary land use in the Green Wedge A Zone.

    ·  Council considered the application and assessed the appropriateness of the proposal within the Green Wedge A Zone and its landscape context. 


    ·  No external speakers or call to pray are proposed to occur from outside of the building.

    Patron Numbers and Occurrence

    ·  Generally, 10 to 70 persons at varying times throughout the day/week for prayers and religious information sessions.

    ·  Month of Ramadan (30 nights) approximately 100 persons.

    A maximum of 372 persons during peak times being Friday afternoon prayer, Islamic festival (2 days), and other special weekend events.


    ·  The landscaping includes grassed areas planted with canopy trees along the site frontage, within the hardstand car parking area and along the southern and northern property boundaries.

    Building Height/ Design

    ·  The proposal has an overall maximum building height of 10.70 metres.

    Religious Considerations

    ·  The planning scheme definitions do not distinguish between the different religions who might seek approval for a place of worship.

    ·  Religion is not a relevant planning consideration.