What is the role of the Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee?

    The City of Casey Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee (the Committee) has an advisory role and it brings community perspectives to Council. The Committee provides strategic advice and advocacy to the City of Casey on access and inclusion issues of relevance to the municipality in line with the Council Plan, the Inclusive Casey Strategic Framework, and the Diversity, Access and Inclusion Policy.

    The Committee is responsible for monitoring, and reviewing aspects of access and inclusion and providing advice to Council. In this regard it focuses on the following specific aspects of Access and Inclusion:

    • Social and Economic Disadvantage
    • Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
    • Religious Diversity
    • Disability Issues
    • Age Related Issues
    • Sexual Orientation Issues
    • Indigenous Culture
    • Isolation

    What is the commitment required to be a member of the Committee?

    All Committee members are required to contribute to discussions at meetings, commmunity engagement sessions, and public events. As a member you would be required to attend four meetings annually over a two-year appointment as well as two community engagement sessions annually. It is expected that members also consider, research, and discuss access and inclusion issues between meetings of the Committee.

    What is it like to attend meetings?

    Meetings occur quarterly (four times per year) and have in attendance up to twelve community representatives and up to four Councillors. Two Council Officers are also present. Meetings involve information sharing, presentations, and discussion of topics relevant to access and inclusion in the City of Casey. Committee members bring their experience, knowledge, and passion to these discussions to advocate for better outcomes for community.

    What if I have special requirements to attend meetings and events?

    We want to provide meaningful opportunities for every member of our community to be involved, included and valued for their unique contributions. Council will make every effort to accomodate members of all backgrounds and abilities. Please speak to Council staff to find out more.