City of Casey advocates for projects that the community want to see.

Today we are home to more than 360,000 residents, and growing rapidly. Our Advocacy is an important way for Council to provide a voice for the community's needs from transport to services and other projects.

We will continue to work with our partners and lobby State or Federal Government when needed to create a better Casey.

Current projects:

Casey Calls for Recovery Commitment

The impacts of COVID-19 have magnified some urgent and ongoing needs in the City of Casey.

As we work to support our community during and post this pandemic, Council faces a range of funding and service delivery challenges.

Council is seeking to work with the Victorian Government on critical projects, services and initiatives that will support our most vulnerable and disadvantaged residents, improve health and wellbeing and kick-start urgent projects to boost the local economy and employment opportunities

Health and wellbeing

Family Violence – The Orange Door for Casey

The City of Casey has the highest number of domestic violence reports in the state.

The impacts of COVID-19 brings with it an anticipated rise in domestic violence, which will be felt for a long time, with more reported incidents and more support required.

Council is seeking establishment of an Orange Door service hub in Casey and funding of up to $3 million to assist local service delivery.

The nearest Orange Door services are in Frankston and Morwell. There has never been a greater need for Casey’s own Orange Door.

Cranbourne Community Hospital

The City of Casey is supporting the Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority (VHHSBA) to deliver the Cranbourne Community Hospital as part of a 2018 State election commitment.

We could not have predicted COVID-19 when the commitment was made, but a local community hospital with integrated healthcare services is more important than ever.

Council is seeking to fast-track the project and work in partnership with the VHHSBA to integrate to co-locate complementary Council services in an expanded Community Hospital Complex and revitalise the precinct. This will provide residents with better access to the health care and complementary services they need, closer to home.

Keeping Casey moving

Local roads driving local jobs

Casey residents make almost one million trips on an average day. As the population grows this could reach 1.6 million trips a day by 2046.

Council has shovel-ready road projects to drive local roads and improve safety and transport flow.Council continues to budget for road projects, but we are seeking $8 million from the State Government to fast-track construction of much-needed roads in the next three to six months. The current COVID-19 restrictions mean that construction can begin quickly and cause less disruption on our roads.

A new Berwick Rail Precinct

The removal of the dangerous and congested level crossing at Clyde Road, Berwick is underway including a new bus interchange. This is great news, but we are still urging the Victorian Government to consider design improvements.

At the top of our list is a new Berwick Train Station – to replace the ageing, station. It’s time to complete this exciting project and create a leading-edge rail precinct our community deserve.

$125m Thompsons Road extension

Casey and Cardinia’s growing population needs a bigger transport network.

The vital, $125m Stage 1 Thompsons Road extension will connect Thompsons Road to Cardinia Road, opening up a new employment precinct in Officer and Pakenham – able to house 55,000 jobs.

The Thompson’s Road extension will alleviate pressure on the Monash Freeway, link to other major roads and enable more people to move more safely and more quickly.

More than 500 jobs will be created during construction.

Social Support

COVID-19 restrictions have hit some harder than others. Many residents are fearful in this environment and Council is dedicating time and resources to preventing people ‘falling through the gaps’.

Council is seeking relevant support measures be put in place and appropriate funding be made available to ensure continuity of care for some of our most marginalised and vulnerable residents and to boost service delivery. This includes:

- Addressing the shortfall in emergency and transitional accommodation for those experiencing homelessness by boosting temporary and social housing options

- Providing flexibility in funding and service delivery to keep up with increasing and changing demand on Council’s Home and Community Care Program for Younger People, including its Meals on Wheels programs.

Building a better Casey

As our community begins to find a new ‘normal’ in a pandemic environment and some community activities return to our daily lives, we need to be ready.

Council has identified a number of projects which will support our community as we recover from COVID-19, including:

· the Cranbourne West Stadium, a multi-use facility for indoor sports is much needed and will be well used in this growing area,

· upgrades of three kindergartens will help with the growing demand for kinder programs now and into the future,

· replacing the roof of Casey ARC to ensure it lasts for the next generation of swimmers and gym-goers.

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