What is a Public Exhibition Phase?

    Prior to Council adopting documents like the Draft Casey Aquatic Facilities Strategy 2019-2041, Council endorse a public exhibition phase to gather feedback from the Casey community and interested stakeholders. Feedback is then considered to make any changes to the document, before being presented for consideration to Council for adoption at a future Council Meeting.

    How do I provide feedback?

    Have your say on the Draft Casey Aquatic Facilities Strategy 2019-2041

    1. Your Feedback - tell us what you think about the Draft Casey Aquatic Facilities Strategy in the feedback section below.
    2. Your Stories - tell us a story about your favourite experience at Casey ARC, Casey RACE or Doveton Pool in the Park.
    3. Alternatively - post your written feedback to: City Planning, City of Casey, PO Box 1000, Narre Warren, VIC 3805.

    Feedback is open until Tuesday 9 July 2019.

    How long do I have to provide feedback?

    The Public Exhibition Period will be open for 4 weeks, from Tuesday, 9 June to Tuesday, 9 July 2019.

    Why do we need an Aquatic Strategy?

    The City of Casey aquatic facilities have played an important role in contributing to the health and wellbeing of our community. Providing our residents with a place for swimming, to learn how to swim and to be active in the water or the gym for fitness for decades. These facilities are now reaching their capacity or may not adequately be serving the needs of the community.

    The City of Casey Aquatic Facilities Strategy has reviewed how best to provide for our growing population that will reach 549,190 people by 2041. The strategy is a road map for providing high-quality, accessible and affordable aquatic facilities that will extend the aquatic and health and fitness programming and leisure opportunities and in turn encourage a healthy, active and connected Casey community.

    What are the Strategic Objectives?

    Strategic Objectives:

    Objective One: High quality with capacity to grow

    Develop a network of complementary facilities that are of high quality and service the contemporary aquatic leisure facility markets to provide for a growing Casey Community.

    Objective Two: Accessible, affordable and inclusive facilities and participation opportunities

    Council’s aquatic and leisure facilities will be accessible, affordable and inclusive to all ages, abilities and cultures and will support more residents to become active participants. Opportunities will be provided for residents to access a range of services and facilities in the following key markets:
    • Health and wellness including gymnasium/weights room, group fitness and personal training
    • Rehabilitation and therapy
    • Learn to swim and other aquatic based programs
    • Recreational and fitness swimming
    • Leisure, ‘play’ and adventure

    Objective Three: Well planned, maintained and managed

    Provide a strategic platform to inform Council’s investment in the management, maintenance and renewal of Casey’s aquatic and leisure facilities to maximise the benefits for the community.
    Foster community participation in the planning, development, management and evaluation of aquatic facilities programs and services.

    Objective Four: Environmentally sustainable and universally designed facilities

    Provide best practice environmentally sustainable facilities through the planning, design, construction and maintenance of Casey’s aquatic facilities.

    What are the key recommendations?

    The City of Casey Aquatic Facilities Strategy includes some important decisions regarding existing and future Aquatic and Leisure Facilities and respond to aquatic and leisure facility trends. These recommendations are:

    • Doveton Pool in the Park - Conduct a needs assessment which will inform a master plan for the site that considers partnerships, the historical land use, aquatic education, multi-purpose programmable rooms, aquatic/leisure water play and adventure play experiences.
    • Casey RACE - Undertake a business case to explore opportunities to support aquatic education, therapy/rehabilitation and allied health services.
    • Casey ARC - Undertake a business case to explore opportunities to support aquatic education, therapy/rehabilitation and allied health services, cafe functionality and connection to Bunjil Place Precinct.
    • Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre - Continue to provide Dry Health and Fitness and consider improvements through the Endeavour Hills Town Centre Master Plan Stage 3 implementation.
    • Clyde Growth Area - Commence the detailed feasibility planning for a third ‘regional’ aquatic and leisure facility.
    • All Facilities - Develop a funding strategy for implementing improvements to existing aquatic facilities.

    The master planning of DPIP, upgrade & expansion of Councils existing regional facilities, and a new regional facility in Clyde will assist with the demand from the community seeking recreation, leisure and adventure, fitness and training, education and therapy.

    How have the recommendations been developed?

    The recommendations are informed by a market research and engagement process. Key project tasks included:

    ·  A population and demographic review showing a continued and growing demand for aquatic and leisure services and facilities.

    ·  A review into the visitation and financial trends of the Centres, together with an assessment of aquatic and leisure facilities demand and industry trends.

    ·  A representative engagement process with Centre users and management, Council officers and Councillors, neighbouring municipalities, peak sporting bodies, private providers, Doveton College and importantly with the City of Casey community.

    ·  Concept design and cost plan for each facility option.

    ·  Financial operational models for each facility option.

    ·  Return on investment.

    How much will it cost?

    The combined cost of projects contained within the draft Strategy are in the order of $130 million. Delivery of these projects over the next 10 to 20 years would ensure the growing Casey Community is well serviced with high performing aquatic facilities.

    How will the Aquatic Strategy be delivered?

    The City of Casey will provide funding in its 10-year capital works program, together with seeking State and Federal Government funding and private partnership opportunities.

    Funding will be programmed over a 10-20 year period.

    Who was consulted?

    The following stakeholders were consulted:

    ·  A series of workshops and interviews have been held with the City of Casey Council officers and councillors

    ·  Interviews with aquatic centre managers

    ·  Online facility user and resident household survey - 1200 responses

    ·  Meetings with local aquatic stakeholder group meetings

    ·  Meetings with external stakeholders (including Swimming Victoria/Australia)

    The following key themes/issues were identified through the consultation:

    ·  Aquatic and leisure facilities are highly valued by the community, they are recognised as important community assets that support the health, wellness and recreation needs of residents

    ·  There is a desire to retain and improve the aquatic and leisure facilities and services

    ·  There is a need to plan for the large and increasing population growth and its impact on Casey Aquatic Facilities 

    ·  There is a recognition that aquatic facilities are competing for scarce Council resources

    ·  There is a need for ongoing resources to support asset management, building maintenance, facility marketing and management

    ·  Most people choose their preferred Centre because it is close to home or has good facilities and attend aquatic education or health and fitness programs

    ·  The Centres are considered in good to excellent condition, with change rooms a key improvement area

    ·  Residents would like to make greater use of the facilities and identified improved membership packages, cleaner venues, additional family change and program pool space

    ·  Residents identified the need for services and programs to be affordable

    ·  Most of the respondents travel to the main facility they use by car

    ·  The most popular time to visit the centres are 9am – 12noon (35%) and 5pm to 8pm (25%)

    ·  The main activities undertaken are Learn to Swim (45%), Recreation Swimming (40%), Lap swimming/fitness (30%) and Health and fitness (25%)

    ·  Partnership opportunities exist between Council and private and public investors

    Why is DPIP recommended to have a master plan undertaken?

    DPIP is not adequately serving the needs of the community as a seasonal outdoor facility with no learn to swim opportunities due to pool depths or covering. The Facility is also 50 years old, therefore due to its aging assets and condition, it would not be financially prudent to redevelop without first undertaking a master plan to identify the needs in the area and ensure the site is fit for purpose.

    The master plan for DPIP will investigate the delivery of aquatic education and multi-purpose program space to meet the demands of the existing and future local community as well as the associated infrastructure and potential partnerships within the area.

    Through the Master Plan process, the City of Casey will liaise with the City of Dandenong due to its proximity to Noble Park Aquatic Centre.

    The City of Dandenong are also undergoing an Aquatic Strategy and reviewing viability of Noble Park Aquatic Centre in its current form.

    Casey ARC

    Casey Aquatic and Recreation Centre (ARC) was constructed 16 years ago and is located opposite the Fountain Gate Shopping Centre on the Princes Highway in Narre Warren. The facility consists of a 50m lap pool, toddler pool, wave pool, spa, sauna, steam room, health club, sports medicine clinic and café.

    Casey RACE

    Casey Recreation and Aquatic Centre (RACE) is located in Cranbourne East and was constructed 7 years ago. The facility consists of a 50m lap pool, toddler pool, warm water pool, indoor splash park, waterslides, spa, sauna, steam room, health club and café.

    Doveton "Pool in the Park"

    Doveton “Pool in the Park” (DPIP) is an outdoor pool facility constructed in 1968 and consists of a 50m pool, toddler’s pool, learners pool with small water slide and separate open water slide. In 2006 Council provided funds to upgrade the leisure features.

    Clyde Aquatics & Recreation Centre

    A new aquatics and recreation facility has been proposed for Casey’s growth front through the Clyde Creek Precinct Structure Plan. The facility will be located in Clyde, adjacent to a new Major Activity Centre.

    The facility development is proposed for beyond 2028.