How could Casey's arts facilities better meet the needs of our community?

over 6 years ago

Consultation has concluded

  • Toad over 6 years ago
    when you travel around victoria there are a lot of Cities that have their own Visual Arts centres, we in Casey only are able to display a very minute amount in the foyer of the council offices, we in the city of casey have some of the most talented artists with nowhere to display their wonderful works.Even if the city of casey found a site, and kick started a foundation, I am sure you would have big business come on boardyou could have a Gallery and workshops plus a restaurant, just think of the amount of people this would bring to casey.
  • not happy jan about 6 years ago
    will the council fund this project with out involving ratepayers money of which we are told there is not enough of to go around at the present time but we can have pie in the sky dreams as the councillors are only in office a reasonably short period of time and spend if there is no tomorrow can the council gaurentee in writing that this project will not increase mine or any fellow ratepayers annual rates knowing quiet well they will say no increase is anticipated until the council is committed then they will go back on there word blaming unfor seen cost blow out in closing how many ratepayers were surveyed on this project personally have lived in city of casey for approximately 40 years and can count on one hand how many times my opinion has been sought it might surprise you the answer NILwhat is this forums usd for