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What specific parts of the Plan and/or Guidelines do you not like?

almost 9 years ago

  • Philt over 8 years ago
    Surely we can do more to retain and upgrade the median strip - the best part of Berwick Village... and not sure that traffic is thought through... what happens when the strategic sites get developed? Needs a traffic management strategy for the whole lot... or has this been done already? Rear of shops on the south side particularly needs to be greatly improved - a real eyesore!
  • gillian franklin over 8 years ago
    A. I am very concerned about the proposed joining of Wheeler Roadinto Langmore Lane. 1. The bottom of the street is very congested with cars already.If there are any cars parked on the side, the cars driving up or downthe Lane cannot get through easily.2. The visibility into Gloucester is very poor. This isexacerbated when there are buses parked in Gloucester, which ishappening frequently. You simply cannot see into Gloucester to see ifthere are oncoming cars.3. We have many elderly pedestrians and drivers around this area.They do not have quick reflexes and cannot cope with the congestion.4. There have been two motor car accidents (one serious) at thecorner of Gloucester and Langmore Lane in the past couple of weeks.5. Currently it can take some minutes to exit Langmore Lane duringbusy traffic times. This will be made worse with more cars.6. The quality of Langmore Lane is already poor with the roadcracking and requiring repair. The substrata under the road is in needof major works as the road shifts and breaks up constantly. Anyadditional traffic will make this worse.B. I am also concerned about the traffic congestion into LangmoreLane with the proposed major retail/business development at the cornerof Langemore and Gloucester and would be interested to see what theexpected impact of this will be.Gillian
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 8 years ago
      Thank you for your comments Gillian.Your feedback will now be taken into consideration in the preparation of the Berwick Village Structure Plan and Urban Design Guidelines that will set out a framework for development and enhancement of the Berwick Village Activity Centre over the next 20 years.