Project info

City of Casey is seeking to realign part of the locality boundary between Berwick and Narre Warren. The proposed realignment is necessary as the boundary between Berwick and Narre Warren at that location currently runs through the centre of Sweeney Reserve.

As a result, the southern section of Sweeney Reserve is in Berwick and the northern section is in Narre Warren. This is contrary to the Geographic Names Victoria’s (GNV) Naming rules for places in Victoria 2022, which requires that boundaries should align with definitive and distinguishable physical features like roads, creeks, rivers or railway lines, and should not cause confusion for transport, communications or emergency response. The proposed boundary realignment would mean the whole of Sweeney Reserve would be located in Berwick.

Members of the community have an opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed realignment. Information on place naming in Victoria can be found at the website.

Members of the public can provide feedback regarding this proposal by the following methods:

Any feedback or submissions must be received within 30 days of the date of this notification and must comply with the naming rules as stated above. Should you have any queries regarding this proposal, please contact Fiona Baker, Geographical Naming Officer on 03 9705 5200.

The consultation will be open until 5.00 pm on Saturday 31 December 2022.