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Please share your thoughts/experiences on broadband access in the City of Casey.

over 8 years ago

This consultation has concluded.

  • teleksterling over 8 years ago
    I am one of many who simply cannot access wired broadband services in Casey. Instead we're forced to use wireless services, and then again limited to the provider(s) that allow a decent connection speed. It is frustrating, unreliable, and far too expensive for what equates to a basic service.Is someone able to provide a link to the register referred to in the original post?
  • danielm over 8 years ago
    Just moved from Strathaird Drive where I was lucky enough to have BigPond Cable at 100Mbit and a 200GB limit.I have now moved just around the corner into the Berwick springs estate where I can no longer get Cable, ADSL2+, ADSL1 and now have to resort to the costly Telstra Wireless solution with lousy speeds, pathetic 12GB limits and ridiculous costs.Before the move I contacted Telstra and arranged a move of all my services and was told that everything will be transferred across if they had any issues they would contact me. 2 days after the move I had no internet and was told could not be provided anything other than wireless.If this was an isolated issue it would be understandable but to see it’s an epidemic in Narre Warren South is just unacceptable. Casey council should not allow this to continue and we should all protest against Telstra to resolve this issue once and for all.Please Casey council what are you doing to improve broadband services for the community? Should the community be requesting to the NBNCo for earlier rollout of its fibre network?I think its about time this was fixed.Please everyone follow this link and register to be counted.
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 8 years ago
      Thank you for your comment.The City of Casey agrees that the level of broadband access across the municipality is patchy and can be frustrating for residents, which is why the issue is a key part of Council’s advocacy program. Local councils are not responsible for providing broadband services; they can only encourage telecommunications companies and other third party providers who are responsible for broadband services, to improve the quality and coverage of broadband across municipalities.The City of Casey will continue to advocate for early inclusion in the National Broadband Company (NBN Co) implementation of NBN infrastructure across Australia.
    • chrissy over 8 years ago
      I'm also in Berwick Springs. My internet is fine during the day but at night during peak times, I'm unable to do what I want on the because it gets so slow. I pay for ADSL2+ but I definately don't get any where near the speeds I should. My exchange is NAWN and is obviously over crowded and can't cope with the traffic it gets at peak times. Telstra need to upgrade their exchanges so that people don't have to put up with dial-up speeds. It is unacceptable in the year 2011 that I cant get what I'm paying for. People I know who live in different areas don't have a problem with network congestion and it is frustrating me so much that I am unable to use the internet the way I want to at peak times. The exchanges need to be upgraded and Telstra need to know that so many people are unsatisfied with their services.
    • jat over 8 years ago
      Totally frustrated with the internet speed in berwick springs, We here pay more for ADSL plans comapre to ADSL+2 plans and speed we get similar to dial up, These days even the news sites are designed to work on decent internet connection speed so you have to wait few minutes to load sites like, leave on checking work emails with heavy attachments. Only time I get decent speed in early morning like 12:30 am onward, shame on Australia telecommunication
  • bvdl75 over 8 years ago
    I am on of the large number on the RIM exchange in Narre Warren South near Harrington Drive. These Multiplexers mean we are stuck on ADSL 1 while the actual exchange is ADSL 2+ because of the RIM between the 100's of residents and the exchange we are all unable to access the ADSL 2+ service. The main problems is because of the simple statistics collected by ISP's we appear as choosing to be on ADSL 1 as the exchange is upgraded. No record seems to be kept that the RIM in the middle excludes 100's if not 1000's of people. Thus the ISP statistics say there is no demand in Narre Warren South for an upgrade as all slots on the exchange are not used, when in fact they are not capable of being used by the many who desire to.
  • Dan over 8 years ago
    I have just about had enough of the internet services around the Narre Warren South area. We keep getting told it will be fixed and Telstra has even admitted to the problem being their fault with nothing being done. How much more money needs to be wasted by us before something is actually done. I have been fighting for over a year about ths problem. Bring back dial up internet. That would be a better service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C'mon Telstra, Government and City of Casey please help us with this problem. So many people are very angry and upset about this matter. Think of all the companies that may even be losing money from all of this.
    • Dan over 8 years ago
      Also I'm sorry Casy I know it's not your fault on this problem but there has to be more we can do. There just has to be. Would it take us going to A Current Afair or Today Tonight for us to be listened to by Telstra and the government????
      • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 8 years ago
        Hi Dan, thanks for your comments. The City of Casey is continuing to advocate for early inclusion in the National Broadband Company (NBN Co) implementation of NBN infrastructure across Australia. We will continue to keep the community updated of our advocacy.
        • Dan over 8 years ago
          Thank you for your reply. I know you are trying to make us an early inclusion but do you have any idea when we will find out and if we did get the early inclusion when would that start??? I know you would be very vague on this matter as well but what does it take to actually get the right answers and some action on this? To get these people to listen and do something? Can't we do more about this??? So many people and companies are wasting their money on a service that's not provided. Would we be legally entitled to compensation????
  • Screens about 8 years ago
    My story is similar to most previous. I am a BDM fo a national company based from a home office in Narre Warren South, Berwick Springs to be precise. Before even building here 6 years ago, one of my main concerns was connectivity to Head Office in Sydney which I was assured would not be a problem by Telstra, and my building company. What a crock of c---- that was and I have been fighting, struggling, beating up on the parties concerned for the past 5 years but to this point no avail. I am stuck with 3g wireless that struggles to download at even 40kbps, yes kilobytes, not megabytes, and even to the point that my browser will not even log in as it takes tooooo long to handshake, and the same sorry tale belongs to my Iphone 3g service, battery lasts less than 6 hours due to the constant hunting for service, 1 to 2 bars max and will shift to edge service 5-6 times a day. Dont talk to me about dropedd out calls!!!. That's enough of a rant but you get the sorry picture. They should be paying us to stay with them..
  • Screens about 8 years ago
    I posted a comment earlier, and am totally surprised that if this is the level of apethy out there in the County, only 12 postings since June 2011, then I am not surprised that nothing has been done about the level of service, as it appears that generally there is a very low level of dissatisfaction with the service available. I am also part of that as I only found out about this forum from reading the Berwick Leader today. Get stuck in people.
  • RF55 about 8 years ago
    Currently I am on ADSL 1 (8Mb) but had a horrendous time to get it and speeds are still shocking. Here is my story so far. I am unable to get Cable and was advised that I might be in a black spot for Wireless internet.I could initially not get ADSL at all since I was on pair gains (not enough lines put in by Telstra in 2006 when our road / subdivision was built.I investigated Cable (which is not available at all in my area) and wireless was also not an option since according to all of the providers I live in a black spot (close to Pound road and Narre Cranbourne road).I kept on hammering on the ADSL bandwagon since it seemed the only possible way. Then somehow they (Telstra) managed to get me off the pair gains and I could request ADSL.I was firstly advised that I could get ADSL2. After initial investigations my application was rejected since I was on a RIM (or Sub exchange) and that one could not handle ADSL2 even though "my exchange" is ADSL 2+ capable. I then was told I could get ADSL 1. For about 3 month I had to request this service regularly since not enough ports where available and due to that each time my application was rejected.I now am connected to ADSL 1 but my speeds are regularly throttled since it seems Telstra is allowed to do this (minimum they need to supply I think is 512 kb download speed. So whenever there is big activity in the neighbourhood we get slow speeds. I am currently signed up to ADSL 1 on a 8Mb download speed plan. We are not getting close to these speeds and are regularly very slow with an occasion having on 24kb download speed. The slow speeds can be during the day but definitely start once school is out and go till late in the evenings and all day during the weekend.Get me NBN Cable and I will sign up straight away (to the highest speed) once it is available to my house.I will be $10 cheaper off with same amount of downloads but my flaky speed which should give me currently 8Mb download and 1 Mb upload (Not achieving that at all and quite often have poor performance) would be replaced by 100Mb download and 40 Mb upload speeds.It even should not be hard to get some area's on fibre since it seems there is a fibre going through Pound road.Even the school close to us had the ADSL problem and in this day and age schools should have the good infrastructure!.I am wondering though if Narre Warren South again will be one of the last if not the last area in Melbourne that will get Fibre through NBN like we were in relation to the ADSL service earlier this decade.Casey get it moving - make it clear to NBN Co that in this metropolitan area there are lots of issue and that they most likely will get lots of people signing up since we do not have anything else are very poor broadband options if we have access to broadband.
  • daniel about 8 years ago
    I know people who are soon to build in Botanic Ridge, yet they wont be getting the NBN rolled out within the next few years on their lot. It’s a waste of peoples time and money if they are forced to install the soon to be redundant copper connections when the impending fibre optic cables will be needed so soon. How about some common sense and force the developers of estates still selling land, to upgrade to the NBN for houses yet to be/still being built
  • ConcernedCitizen almost 8 years ago
  • Dan almost 8 years ago
    Hello again. This is Dan from Oct 5 2011 post. What is happening with all this info and complaining that people are giving??? People aren't commenting on here because they don't know it's here. Make it be well known to the people City of Casey. I hear complaints everywhere but nothing said or done at all. City of Casey what more can we do here?? How can we get our points across to the ones that can fix the problem. I know you have been pushing the government or who ever it is but it's not enough. Actually we are not even hearing from you about what is happening. I rarely get emails from you about other peoples comments. Can't you guys contact ACA or Today tonight about this. They usually find a way to make these companies move. If you need signatures I'm happy to sign or even be interviewed by one of these shows and I'm sure I'm not the only one. C'mon guys let's get this problem fixed PLEEAAAASSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rebecca Bourke almost 8 years ago
    I live in a new estate, and I am baffled how Telstra is allowed to manopalise the market. We can only get adsl1 here and have been told that WILL NEVER CHANGE!!!!!We also can only be supplied by Telstra or one of their "offspring". How is this allowed to happen.The Governement has spent 4 BILLION DOLLARS on the NBN and 400 MILLION on education and healthcare, and we still have crappy internet. DISGUSTING
  • Admin Commented Casey Administrator almost 8 years ago
    Thank you for your feedback. We value your contributions. Council is continuing to advocate to NBN Co and the Federal Government for improved broadband infrastructure across all of Casey, particularly in the existing suburbs of Berwick and Narre Warren South which are notorious broadband black spots. By logging onto Council’s website and showing your support, we hope to send a message to NBN Co and the Federal Government that Casey residents are ready for high speed broadband now. To show your support for high speed broadband visit and complete the online form.All feedback received from residents is taken into consideration to assist us in implementing our advocacy campaign.
    • Screens almost 8 years ago
      What are you doing council. We are withering on the vine out here and you are advocating to Fed Govt and NBN. What about your current service provider, Telstra, who are the main stake holders in the existing infratsructure which is failing us all badly. I personally have lodged 23 complaints with Telstra since October and will continue the fight, and thats what I expect you to do on our behalf, as it was you in the first place that gave them the licence to install second rate, unsuitable business crippling infrastructure in the first instance. Casey City, fastest growing backwater in the state!!!.
  • Rod almost 8 years ago
    I recently purchased a home in Narre Warren Sth and have been unable to get Internet for four months. My problem is this unavailability is indefinite and my son is currently studying IT at Monash University. He really needs this connection to do what is required throughout his course. I am told there are no ports available & I am on a pair gain system which means the two copper lines that each property should have has been routed elsewhere. That leaves me with a phone line.
  • vincentf almost 8 years ago
    I am "lucky" to have ADSL1 to my property. Have been advised by Telstra that i cannot get ADSL2 due to pair gain on my line. I am appalled by the lack of internet connectivity to houses in my area (narre warren south). There are houses in a street which hve ADSL and some that dont. It also looks like we are going to miss out in the early NBN rollout.
  • Kay over 7 years ago
    When our house was built six years ago in Narre Warren South, Telstra and other network providers confirmed that the area was cabled for ADSL2. We have been with Telstra for our home phone line for six years and discovered that our telephone line ( although cabled in 2006) was inadequate for ADSL2 – broadband. Recently ( September 2012) we were notified by Telstra that Cherrywood way is now ADSL2+ enabled. However, whenever we approach the various network providers, they inform us that we are still on a copper like - shared line which cannot carry ADSL2+ speeds. Telstra insists that our home number and line are ADSL2+ capable and yet refuses to cooperate with other network providers in giving us the service! What actually the network at Narre Warren South connected to Cherrywood is, whether ADSL or ADSL2+ is anyone’s guess.