The City of Casey adopts its Budget 2023/24


Budget Overview

The City of Casey’s key strategic documents have been developed which guide our future planning and allocation of the budget to deliver community services, initiatives, and projects.

These documents include our:

  • Draft Council Plan 2021-25 – Year 3 Review
  • Draft Annual Action Plan 2023/24
  • Draft Budget 2023/24
  • Draft 2023/24 Capital Works Program

This year’s draft budget totals $542.26 million, including a $467.44 million operational budget and a $74.82 million capital works program.


A major focus of this year’s draft budget rests on finding a balance - within the constraints of tighter economic conditions - between financial sustainability and being responsive to the needs of the Casey community.

Some key projects in the Draft Budget 2023/24 include:

  • $57 million towards waste management services 
  • $45 million towards child, youth and family services  
  • $23 million towards community connection and wellbeing 
  • $22 million towards the road network  
  • $19 million towards parks and open spaces
  • $11 million towards sports and leisure  
Budget highlights graphic

Capital Works

The Draft Budget 2023/24 sees Council committing to a year of consolidation through its Capital Works Program, with a view to the longer-term wellbeing of the community, by planning and acting now for a future that is both economically and environmentally sustainable.

Some highlights of our Capital Works Program specify directing:

  • $20.55 million into roads
  • $19.37 million into recreational, leisure and community facilities
  • $6.20 million into parks, open space and streetscapes
  • $4.85 million into drainage
  • $3.41 million into footpaths and cycleways

Key projects to be completed over the next 12 months include:

  • $3.89 million for the Ballarto Road to South Gippsland Highway Intersection
  • $2.28 million for the Ray Bastin Reserve redevelopment
  • $1.65 million for playground improvement works
  • $1.62 million for the Robert Booth pavilion construction
  • $1.18 million for Stage 2 of the 1001 Bayview Park Steps
  • $1.00 million for the Pearcedale Pavilion renewal works
  • $0.90 million for the Max Pawsey Tennis Pavilion
  • $0.48 million for renewal works at the Lynbrook Family and Children's Centre.
Capital works map graphic