Budget Highlights

about 1 year ago

$50.1 million to renew, upgrade and construct new sport and recreational facilities

  • Continued construction of Regional Community Soccer Precinct at Casey Fields, Cranbourne East ($10m)
  • Commence design and construction of new tennis courts (6-8) and a pavilion at Cairns Road Reserve, Hampton Park ($1m)

$43 million towards child, youth and family services

  • Includes additional funding to keep up with growing demand for kindergarten and Maternal and Child Health consultations, with more than 5,000 babies born in Casey each year

$38 million to improve Casey’s expansive road and path network

  • Commence stage 1 of Hardys Road construction, from Clyde Road to Tuckers Road, and stage 1 Clyde Road/Hardys Road intersection, Clyde North ($9m)
  • Commence intersection upgrade works between Grices Road, Glasscocks Road, Clyde Road and Berwick-Cranbourne Road and road duplication works between Berwick-Cranbourne Road and Viewgrand Drive, Cranbourne North ($2m)

$19 million towards aged care and disability support services including Meals on Wheels, volunteer transport and respite care

  • Includes support for the establishment of an additional carer’s hub within the City of Casey and further promotion of support available to carers

$20.9 million to renew and build new family and community facilities

  • Commence construction of new integrated community hub, Cranbourne West ($5.7m)
  • Commence development of a new family and community centre integrated with the local primary school, Botanic Ridge ($3.5m)

$23 million towards community facilities and participation

  • A five per cent increase in grants to the Casey Cardinia Library Corporation to $6.2 million to support business improvement and meet growing demand.
  • An increase in Council grants including an additional $200,000 for the annual Community Grants Program, increase in Large Events Funding of $30,000 and an additional $10,000 towards fundraising events.

$7.4 million to build and improve our playgrounds and open spaces

  • Complete the construction of new regional, outdoor skate park, along with playground, terraced landscaping and lawn area, Endeavour Hills ($2.1m)
  • Upgrades, improvements and developments to playgrounds across Casey ($1.4m)

$9.4 million to implement innovative technology to improve business performance and customer experience and undertake renewable energy projects

  • Investment into our business transformation program and Smart Cities initiatives to deliver smarter, simplified and streamlined business processes and technology to ensure we can meet the demands of our future city tipped to be home to half a million people by 2041.

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