What is the rate increase in percentage terms?

    In 2020/21, the average annual general rates increase will be 2.0 per cent, in line with the state-wide rate cap. 

    There will also be an increase in the standard waste charge by $12, largely due to the impacts of the global recycling crisis and market disruption. 

    Does that mean my rates will increase by exactly 2 per cent from last year?

    No, as rate increases are also based on the outcome of property valuations conducted by the Victorian Valuer General.

    All Councils in Victoria are required to undertake new valuations every year and the City of Casey undertook a valuation of rateable properties as at 1 January 2020. Valuations are independently certified by the Valuer General.

    Ratepayers should not expect their rates notice to rise by exactly the rate cap of 2 per cent, as the level of rates will be affected by the relative values of individual properties to the average rate.

    Revaluation of your property does not increase the total amount of rate revenue collected by Council. Rather it determines the proportion of rates you need to pay relative to other property owners. The 2 per cent rate cap applies to the overall amount of money that Council is receiving from rates.

    If your property’s value grew by more than the average, you will experience an increase to your general rates higher than the 2 per cent rate cap. Properties that grew in value, but remained lower than the average (or decreased in value) will experience an increase lower than 2 per cent rate cap. 

    Based on the preliminary property valuations (which are waiting certification from by the Victorian Valuer General) rates will increase by an average of $26.57.

    How will the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact the 2020/21 Budget and subsequently Council’s service delivery over the next 12 months?

    The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a significant impact on the community and in turn on the financial position of the City of Casey.

    Council is doing its best to find a balance between financial sustainability to see us through to the other side of this crises for the longer term benefit of the Casey community, while also being able to be kind and responsive to the growing pressures our residents and ratepayers are grappling with every day. Over the last couple of months, the City of Casey has modified several of its key services to adapt to the new conditions to ensure it can continue to provide our essential, and most other services to support our community.

    We will continue to provide services and keep our community updated with any changes. 

    For more information, as well as for other COVID-19 related resources, visit www.casey.vic.gov.au/coronavirus

    What is the Annual Budget?

    The Draft Annual Budget outlines the services and initiatives that Council will undertake in the 2020/21 financial year. The Budget includes detailed information about the rates and charges to be levied, the capital works program to be undertaken, where Council allocates its financial resources and other financial information within the 2020/21 financial year.

    What is the Strategic Resource Plan?

    The Strategic Resource Plan is the key medium-term financial plan produced by Council. 

    It is a rolling plan (one year to the next) that summarises the resources allocated, and plans developed to achieve the themes over the next four years.

    The Strategic Resource Plan lists the key plans and initiatives adopted by Council that will achieve the themes of the Council Plan 2017–2021. These plans and strategies provide the context for Council’s resourcing requirements over the next four years as outlined in the financial statements and non-financial resource statements.

    The Strategic Resource Plan should be read in conjunction with the Draft Annual Budget 2020/21, and the Council Plan 2017–2021

    What is a submission?

    A submission is a written statement that explains your views about a topic or proposal and how you may be affected if the Budget goes ahead.

    Where do my comments go?

    The draft documents have been developed by Council, and this has been opened to the public or other key stakeholders for comment. Your feedback will be taken by officers, along with other views and expertise critical to the Budget and Strategic Resource Plan.

    The final plan is developed considering all the views shared, as well as key factors including funding, legal criteria, existing commitments and priorities. This information is then presented to Council to determine the final recommendation/s. Please be aware that all submissions will be reproduced in Council documents available to the public.

    Sharing your views and experiences could give Council new ideas or information or a new perspective. So, even if your comments are not word for word in the final documents, having your say will ensure that we are informed about how you would like to improve your community life. This means that we can better advocate on your behalf, if we need to, or better consider your needs, now and in the future to improve living in the City of Casey.

    Why can’t you reduce spending to allow for lower rates?

    Council understands the financial pressures facing residents, but we cannot afford to stop our investment into community facilities, parks and roads or providing crucial services to our communities.

    We must balance the external costs being placed onto Council and our responsibility to continue delivering high quality services and building community infrastructure.

    What are my rates paying for?

    Rates are used to fund Council’s investment in community infrastructure such as maintaining, renewing and building new community and family centres, and sports and recreation facilities, maintaining roads and parks, as well as to support the delivery of 66 important community services.

    The Draft Budget features an operating budget of $405.1 million to ensure Council continues to provide vital services to more than 360,000 residents and a $131.6 million capital works program to fund more than 200 infrastructure projects in our new, growing communities as well as to undertake necessary renewals and improvements to our existing facilities. 

    What if I am having difficulty paying my rates?

    We appreciate that this is a very challenging time and many people in our community are experiencing hardship.

    Where possible, Council is providing flexibility to affected customers and encourages anyone unable to meet their rate payment by the due dates to contact Council as soon as possible, to make arrangements and discuss potential relief options. 

    Going forward, interest on all current overdue accounts has been suspended until 30 June 2020. 

    Why do I still have to pay my rates when the Council was removed?

    We appreciate that this is a very challenging time and many people in our community are experiencing hardship.

    Where possible, Council is providing flexibility to affected customers and encourages anyone unable to meet their rate payment by the due dates to contact Council as soon as possible, to make arrangements and discuss potential relief options. 

    Going forward, interest on all current overdue accounts has been suspended until 30 June 2020. 

    What are the major initiatives being funded through the Capital Works Program 2020/21 Budget?

    This year’s $131.6 million Capital Works Program has identified several key projects to be commenced throughout the municipality, while also consolidating works commenced in the last financial year

    This year our Capital Works Program is combined of various projects of significantly high value that will go a long way towards enhancing the livability of the City of Casey, including huge investments in sport and recreational facilities.

    Examples of these include:

    • Commencement of construction of a new district level soccer and cricket multipurpose community facility at Tulliallan Estate, Cranbourne North (9.4 million)
    • Continued construction of a new district level soccer and cricket facility at Botanic Ridge Easter Playing Fields, Botanic Ridge (7.8 million)
    • Continued construction of a new integrated community hub at Cranbourne West (3.36 million)
    • Building renewal and upgrade works at Strong Drive Children’s Centre, Hampton Park (1.33 million)

    For further examples and more information please see our media release (insert link) or budget highlights document

    Does this year’s budget and service delivery over the next 12 months look any different now that the City of Casey is under administration?

    The continued delivery of services, programs and capital works projects for our community has not changed since the appointment of Administrators.

    Does the Fire Services Property Levy generate additional income for Council?

    All Victorian Councils are required to collect this levy on behalf of the Victorian Government and must pass the full amount on to the State Revenue Office.

    The Fire Services Property Levy will continue to appear as a separate charge on your Council rates notice.

    This replaces the fire services contributions which residents and businesses previously made through their insurance premiums on their properties.

    What is the DCP, and what does this refer to in the context of the Capital Works Program?

    DCP refers to Developer Contributions Plan, which outlines the levies landowners and developers must pay to the State Government and Council to fund infrastructure and facilities for the new community.

    This source of income for Council is put towards progressing important infrastructure projects across the City of Casey. 

    What are the competition terms & conditions?


     What are the competition terms and conditions?

    1.  This competition is open to people living, working and visiting the City of Casey (excludes Council staff and their families).

    2.  The competition opens on Wednesday 6 May 2020.

    3.  Competition closes Wednesday 3 June 2020 at 5.00 pm. No late entries accepted.

    4.  There are five prizes of $100 Westfield vouchers

    5.  The winners will be randomly selected from all those who participate and complete the Action Plan survey in full during the community consultation period from Wednesday 6 May 2020 until Wednesday 3 June 2020 at 5.00 pm. 

    6.  The $100 Westfield vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.

    7.  The winners of the $100 Westfield voucher will be drawn on Thursday 4 June 2020.

    8.  The prize winner will be notified via the email address or phone number provided when registering to participate in the Casey conversations community feedback page.

    9. Only one entry is permitted per person.

    Full competition Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here.

    How can I have my say on the Draft Budget?

    All residents are invited to view the Draft Budget and make a submission until 5.00 pm on Wednesday 3 June 2020.   

    The Draft Budget can be downloaded from www.caseyconversations.com.au

    Submissions can be made online via the submission form on the Casey Conversations page. 

    Alternatively, ratepayers can send written submissions addressed to the CEO via email to caseycc@casey.vic.gov.au or mailed to PO Box 1000, Narre Warren, 3805.

    Following the exhibition phase, all submissions will be heard at a Council meeting on Tuesday 9 June. Please note, all submissions made by members of the public will be reproduced in Council documents and available to the community. 

    All written submissions will be considered prior to Council adopting the budget at its Council Meeting on 23 June 2020.