Understanding the options

over 4 years ago

OPTION 1: These four projects are critical to meet the needs of Casey’s growing community. I am willing to pay for a 1% rate variation on top of the cap every year to maintain current infrastructure levels.

  • Enables Council to build the facilities to run the services, programs and activities that are required to meet the needs of existing and future residents.
  • Aligns with Council’s plans, policies, budgets and capital works plans that have been developed to balance between delivering what the community needs and the communities’ ability to pay for it.
  • Enables Council to continue the same level of infrastructure that the community has been used to seeing delivered in Casey.
  • Would cost $6.25 above the rate cap for each Casey resident in 2016/2017. Every year this would be indexed and added to the rate cap and would generate about $23.5 million of funding for infrastructure in four years and $150 million over ten years towards new infrastructure in the City of Casey that will benefit all suburbs and residents.

OPTION 2: I believe only half of these projects have merit. I am prepared to pay a 1% rate variation on top of the cap for 2016/2017 as a one off variation to ensure some projects can commence straight away.

  • Enables Council to deliver the Autumn Place Family and Community Centre in Doveton and Hunt Club Football and Cricket Recreation Facility in Cranbourne East in 2016/2017.
  • Glenelg Football and Cricket Recreation Facility in Clyde North will be delayed a few years and there is still no funding available to deliver the Casey Fields Soccer Facility in Cranbourne East.
  • Allows local facilities to be provided for communities who are currently travelling to other facilities, and having to join groups and sports programs that may or will be over capacity in time.
  • Ensures that the local communities that benefit from the new infrastructure can access local facilities, create a sense of place by having more hubs in their neighbourhood and reduce travel time and also access a new facility that meets current standards and requirements.
  • This translates to a rate rise for 2016/2017 of about 4% (assuming the part of the rate rise that will be subject to the State Government Cap remains around 3% or under).
  • Enables Council to deliver local level need facilities.
  • Would cost about $6.25 per Casey resident above the rate cap. The rates in subsequent years go back to the State Government Cap unless Council resolves to investigate a subsequent rate variation in the future. This would generate about $8 million of additional funds over the next four years towards local level infrastructure that would benefit all suburbs and residents of the City of Casey eventually over time.
  • In this scenario, about $15.5 million of planned infrastructure will not be able to be delivered in the next four years.

OPTION 3: I do not think these four projects are needed. Residents can use other facilities even if they’re substandard, have longer waiting lists or they have to travel further. I do not support a variation to the rates in 2016/2017.

  • Enables Council to deliver a budget in line with the State Government Rate Cap in 2016/2017 resulting in the reduction of Council's planned new infrastructure rollout by about $23.5 million over four years and $150 million forecast over the next 10 years.
  • Remaining funding allocated for new infrastructure will be prioritised so only the most important and needed facilities will be able to be delivered.
  • There will be significant time delays to providing new infrastructure to the communities that will benefit from the services, activities and programs that will be run from these facilities.
  • Other facilities will need to accommodate increases in patronage and residents will travel further to access facilities that have vacancies.
  • Under this scenario, even local level facilities will struggle to be funded which will cause tension as the population grows. Expectations by the community for timely and convenient access to facilities will not be able to be met.

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