Why is Council setting up the Bunjil Place Arts Fund

    In establishing Bunjil Place, Council has for the first time moved into a significant area of new business, being the operation of a regional arts and cultural facility, the theatre and gallery.  Donations and philanthropic grants are a traditional form of revenue generation within the arts and cultural sector and present a significant future budget source for both arts and cultural programming and asset acquisition. 

    What is the role of the Bunjil Place Arts Fund Advisory Committee

    The Advisory Committee has an advisory role.  It provides advice to the City of Casey on strategic matters across all aspects of the Bunjil Place Arts Fund. 

    The core responsibilities of the Committee are:

    »  To provide independent feedback to Council on matters pertaining to the strategic direction of Bunjil Place Arts Fund

    »  Establish and maintain relationships with potential donors, including seeking donations from appropriately identified individual and corporate entities.

    »  Identify and support applications to philanthropic funding opportunities.

    »  Consider and make recommendations to Council on the potential use of trust funds, in-line with the nature of donations and consistent with the Trust Deed.

    »  Has the authority to appoint working donor committees which may involve current Advisory Committee members and/or possibly other identified members of the community as required to advance specific donor approaches, donor management and donor events.

    Council will ultimately determine the matters having regard to the advice of the Bunjil Place Arts Fund Advisory Committee.

    How will members be selected?

    A short list of suitably qualified community representatives shall be drawn up and presented to Council for their consideration.  Upon endorsement invitations will be sent to representatives inviting them to take a position on the Advisory Committee.

    What is the membership composition?

    Membership comprises:

    »  One (1) Councillor (the Mayor of the day), appointed annually at the Special Council Meeting for election of the Mayor; and

    »  Two (2) community representatives, pre-approved by Council and will be individually invited to take up a position on the Committee, as they will need to be knowledgeable in the arts, well networked / connected and capable of leveraging financial commitments from individuals and corporates.

    »  Additional persons may be invited to attend meetings at the discretion of the Advisory Committee.

    »  All members represent the community interest and not individual or sectional interests.

    »  Administered by non-voting Council officers.

    The Mayor of the day will be the Chairperson.  In the event of the Chairperson being unable to attend a meeting, the Committee will appoint a Temporary Chairperson for that meeting.

    What is the term of appointment?

    »  The term of appointment will be a two (2) year period, with the exception of the Mayor who is appointed annually. 

    »  Any member may resign at any time by advising his or her resignation to the Advisory Committee in writing.  Council will be responsible for appointing any person to fill the casual vacancy for the remainder of the term.

    »  A member who is absent for more than two (2) consecutive meetings without leave or reasonable excuse may be asked to explain their absence to the Advisory Committee.  If an Advisory Committee member is absent without leave or reasonable excuse that is accepted by the Advisory Committee, the Advisory Committee may via the Group Manager of Active Communities request that Council declare the position vacant.

    How are meetings conducted?

    The Advisory Committee shall meet three times per year.

    The quorum for meetings will be not less than threemembers of the Advisory Committee, unless otherwise determined by Council.

    Agendas will be provided electronically at least 5 working days prior to a meeting.  Minutes from the previous meeting will be circulated with the forthcoming meeting agenda.