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What improvements would you like to see to bus services in Casey?

over 8 years ago

This consultation has concluded.

  • Leonie Curran over 8 years ago
    Regarding public transport services in Casey, there is a great footpath from the highway, along Thompson Rd, to the railway crossing, but nothing after this, so pedestrians are forced onto the road that has no safe edge, or into the mud and puddles. Can a footpath please be constructed from the southern side of the railway line to Merinda Park Railway Station please? Leonie
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 8 years ago
      Thank you for your comment Leonie.There is a path connection along the eastern side of the railway line in the Council reserve that links from the railway crossing at Thompsons Road through to Endeavour Drive. The path also connects directly to the pedestrian crossing of the railway line at the end of the station platform. This path would be as direct as a path through the station car park on the west side of the railway line.If there are any issues with the existing path connection, please let us know and we can investigate further.The station car park is the responsibility of the State Government and is managed through Metro Trains and the Department of Transport.
  • DonDons over 8 years ago
    We currently live in Botanic Ridge, and I cannot believe the lack of bus services around this growing area. My teenage children with part time jobs have to walk at least 4kms to get to the nearest bus stop on busy Cranbourne - Frankston rd. Pearcedale Rd is becoming busier and busier, having to walk this distance then cross it is becoming more dangerous by the day, will there need to be a death before we see such basic services?During summer time there is also snakes seen on the footpaths as she walked to the bus stop. Pearcedale rd has now 2 new estates and no option for buses to connect to Frankston or Frankston High School ? How long do we have to wait before we get a regular bus travelling past out estate ? So much for trying to be environmentally friendly...
  • KG45 over 8 years ago
    We currently live in Botanic Ridge, we have 3 teenage children, 2 of whom work part time, the nearest bus stop is over 4klms away on busy Frankston-Cranbourne rd, as we both work it is near impossible to get our kids to work via car everytime.This area now has sufficient population to warrant a bus service, we see regularly children walking this lengthy distance and having to cross Pearcedale Rd,where the traffik has continued to build and build, hence this makes this walk not only lengthy but now dangerous, I also note another writer as advised of "snakes" my two children have also encountered snakes on several occasions, now they refuse to walk on the path during hot days in fear.There is growing unrest in this area of this councils lack of action on this matter, this is a very basic service and needs to be addressed asap.RegardsKG
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 8 years ago
      Thank you for your comments.Council understands that the current bus routes and timetables do not adequately serve the Casey community and residents of new estates.The City of Casey continues to advocate to the State Government for:• Enhanced bus services running seven days a week from early morning to late evening. • Services to be increased to 30 minute frequencies on local services during the day and higher frequencies during peak periods. • Local bus timetables to be more closely coordinated with the trains. We would encourage you to also contact your local MP and the Minister for Public Transport on this issue which will assist and support Council’s advocacy campaign.
  • vixen1230 over 8 years ago
    We live in Pearcedale and would love to see a bus service to Cranbourne. We appreciate that council or local bus line trialled a bus service quite a few years ago but apparently was only for 3 months or so. Pearcedale has many kids that we know would catch a bus, especially now the Shed has re-opened. At the moment these kids ride their bikes along dangerous Pearcedale Road and other dirt roads to get into Cranbourne. We don't even have any bike paths so they can ride safely. As others have noted, this is now quite a built up area including Botanic Ridge. We live in City of Casey and have no bus services to Cranbourne however we have a bus service to Frankston which council says we can catch to Frankston and then onto Cranbourne which is pretty dismal. Let's hope we can get a bus service and some paths to somewhere in the near future!
  • bvdl75 over 8 years ago
    Bus Services serve no point in peak hour when actually full as they too are stuck in traffic, bus lanes lead to more congestion and are not used correctly by motorist. And the dedication of lane to buss is a short term saving for along term loss. I would prefer to see a Tram / Light rail from Fountain Gate via Narre Warren Station dowe the Narre Warren Cranbourne Rd central reserve to Thomson rd then along Thomson Rd reserve to Merinda park Station. Feeders could be installed along Glasscocks Rd central reservation when constructed and considered for Ormond Rd or Greaves Rd, Pound Rd or Princess Hwy Why to the suburbs these days persist on using low efficiency polluting systems such as busses and only the inner suburbs are wise enough to be extending the tram network.
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 8 years ago
      Thank you for your comments.Bus services are a cost effective means of providing public transport services. They require minimal fixed infrastructure compared to “track based” modes and have flexibility in route changes that can respond to developing areas. Bus services are affected by road congestion and the various bus priority measures being implemented such as early start lanes and bus priority lanes are used to minimise the impacts of the road congestion. It should be noted road congestion also affects light rail services such as trams and this is a significant issue affecting tram timetables in Melbourne.The key to an efficient and effective bus service is having the spread of routes, service frequencies and hours of operation such that the bus becomes a reasonable alternative to the private car. Unfortunately the level of funding provided by the State Government for buses in Casey falls well short of this service level.
  • Sarah B over 8 years ago
    I too would absolutely love to see enhanced bus services between Pearcedale and anywhere! As a Pearcedale resident, I would love to use my car less, if not get rid of it, but it's just not a viable option considering the lack of public transport (no buses at all on Sundays!) - particularly as I have a young baby. Building up local resiliency and living sustainably is very important to me (I belong to the newly formed Casey Coastal Transition Towns) group, and enhanced bus services would definitely be practical, as well as being forward-looking, as the price of owning a car and buying petrol increases.I look forward to development in this area! Thanks for the opportunity to comment.
  • Rob over 8 years ago
    Firstly, the 896 bus (to Cranbourne East) meets every Cranbourne train however the 898 bus (to Archers Field, Cranbourne East) does not meet the Cranbourne Trains. Not many people will use a service that is not convenient.Secondly, there are Cranbourne bus services to Frankston, Dandenong, Hallam and Narre Warren but nothing to Berwick. My son attends school behind the Monash Uni in Berwick and has to catch a bus and two trains to travel a route which is 12km by car. A regular service from Cranbourne to Berwick Uni, Tafe and Casey Hospital via the rapidly growing Cranbourne East and Casey Fields would be greatly appreciated.
  • Jill - Mother of a hearing impared 5 yo over 8 years ago
    Well I find it rather ridiculous there is no bus running from cranbourne to pearcedale. As a mother of a hearing impaired child who will be starting at pearcedale primary school due to there magnificent deaf facilility, I'm wondering how I'm going to get my son to school as I don't drive?!?!?!?!?!?!?! And even if i did, what if my car broke down or was in the mechanics for a week?? Does that just mean too bad my son misses out on school??? Maybe they should have thought before putting a deaf facility in the middle of nowhere with no transport!!!
  • Asus over 8 years ago
    As a resident of Endeavour Hills, I have to say that there is a profound lack of bus service in the city of Casey, leading to an entrenched car culture, which is especially hard on young families and people on lower incomes who can only afford to live in outer suburbs. There needs to be a smartbus linking the main activity centres in and near casey. It should be an outer orbital smartbus, as proposed in the Casey/Dandenong bus review, running Frankston - Cranbourne - Narre warren south - Fountain Gate - Endeavour Hills - Dandenong. If it is implemented to smartbus standards, 15 minute frequency most of the day and finishing at midnight, it would be the first proper transport service in Casey other than the Endeavour Hills - Dandneong buses running currently. Also, Lyndhurst needs a bus service as well. Perhaps route 897 could be extended to Lynbrook station via Lyndhurst. Most train stations in Casey have car parks that are bursting at the seams, such as Hallam, Merinda Park, Cranbourne etc. The main role of buses should be as feeders for trains, especially in peak hour. Route 465 from Keilor Park to Essendon station connects with every train going to the city in the morning, and every train from the city in the evening. The train-bus transfer is documented in this video: should be implemented here, and there is plenty of demand for feeder buses. Route 897 gets full heading towards Cranbourne station in the morning, and I have seen buses at Hallam getting filled as well. This is common in many places around Melbourne.Right now bus routes run every 30 or 40 minutes in peak hour in Narre Warren South, Berwick and Cranbourne, which is not an effective feeder bus service, and if people miss their bus, they have to wait for an age. I hope that we get proper services in the future. Casey Council's planned arterial bus network is very good and should be implemented, provided services run at least every 20 minutes, or at the very worst, every 30 minutes during the day. I hope in the future we will see some improvements along these lines.
  • asonaseason over 8 years ago
    I also live in Botanic Ridge. I don't drive, so I am stuck here 24/7. I have 4 boys to which one has a Autistic Disorder, I can't bring him to his pead appointments. More recently I can not take my 3 year old to kinder or my new baby to health nurse. A. because there no kinder or health nurse in Botanic Ridge and B. THERE is NO bus service !!! "How long do we have to wait before we get a regular bus travelling past out estate ? So much for trying to be environmentally friendly" WELL CASEY ? What improvements would you like to see to bus services in Casey? Well we would just like one full stop !!!!!
  • daniel about 8 years ago
    Well for anyone in Pearcedale/Botanic Ridge I think they’d have a bit to say regarding the topic given that you cant ‘enhance’ a bus service if you don’t have one… In this day and age where council’s go on so much about looking after the environment and climate change awareness, that you’d force people to drive others around and then back home, because there is no basic public transport of any kind