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The Casey Planning Scheme guides and regulates land use and development within the municipality. It is the framework by which Council and other authorised decision-makers (such as VCAT and the Minister for Planning) make decisions. An up-to-date planning scheme provides Council, the development industry, State Government and the community with contemporary strategic directions and clarity when preparing, assessing, and making decisions on planning permit applications and planning scheme amendment requests within Casey.

Amendment C284case is a review of the planning framework for the City of Casey and applies to the whole municipality. The Amendment updates the content and structure of the Casey Planning Scheme to meet state government legislative requirements. The Amendment also re-writes existing policies in the Scheme to reflect Council’s current strategic directions for land use and development and is informed by adopted Council strategies. In addition, the Amendment updates the background documents which have guided the preparation of the Amendment and corrects minor errors and anomalies in the Scheme to ensure that it can be readily understood and implemented.

You can view a full copy of the Planning Scheme Amendment at

A hard copy of Planning Scheme Amendment C284case is also available for viewing at Bunjil Place, 2 Patrick Northeast Drive, Narre Warren, or Cranbourne Customer Service Centre, Shop 156, South Gippsland Highway, Cranbourne.

You can learn more about the Amendment at a drop-in session on:

  • Wednesday 25 October 4pm-7pm at Balla Balla Community Hub, 7-9 Selandra Boulevard, Clyde North (The Lounge); or
  • Thursday 9 November 4pm-7pm at Bunjil Place Library, Patrick Northeast Drive, Narre Warren.

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