What is the Draft Casey FIelds Master Plan 2018

    The Draft Casey Fields Master Plan 2018 is a visionary document produced to guide the future development, management, maintenance and replacement of assets at Casey Fields. It sets out the future projects to develop new facilities and upgrade existing ones that will bring Casey Fields to full development.

    Who was involved in developing the Draft Casey Fields Master Plan 2018?

    To develop the Draft Casey Fields Master Plan 2018, City of Casey staff worked collectively across a wide range of departments, from City Planning, City Design & Construction, City Presentation, Active Communities, Communication, and the Casey Fields Steering Committee, the advisory committee to Council on all things Casey Fields which is made up of Casey Fields sporting clubs and community representatives.

    A graphic designer was engaged to produce the document and a landscape architect to produce the Casey Fields Concept Plan.

    What is a Public Exhibition Phase?

    Prior to Council adopting documents like the Draft Casey Fields Master Plan 2018, Council endorse a public exhibition phase to gather feedback from the Casey community and interested stakeholders. Feedback is then considered to make any changes to the document and it is presented for consideration by Council in the decision making to adopt the document at a future Council Meeting.

    Why should I provide feedback?

    We want to hear your thoughts about the Draft Casey Fields Master Plan to inform the final report to Council for its adoption. What do you like about it? Is it easy to read? What do you think about the projects? Do the projects encourage you to use Casey Fields to become more active?