Why is council closing the CSV?

    As the Casey Safety Village is in an area that will be impacted by the future Clyde rail extension project, it will not be able to remain in its current location over the long term. While the program is popular, attracting around 10,000 children each year (primarily school visits), around 60 per cent of users are from outside the City of Casey.

    Council, has therefore decided to transition the program to an outreach model that will be delivered directly into local schools with the same focus on educating children about safe pedestrian behaviour, safe and active transport options, and educating parents about safe driving behaviour around schools.

    What will happen to the programs that were delivered from the CSV?

    The Council’s road safety program will continue to be delivered from the CSV for the next 12 months until the site is closed. During this time, council will redevelop the program to allow it to be delivered directly into local Casey schools.

    What is the benefit of these changes?

    By delivering the program directly to schools, we are providing a public safety program solely to City of Casey children (60 per cent of users of the current facility come from outside Casey). The program will be more cost-efficient and staff can tailor safety messages to take into account each individual school environment and surrounding area.

    What about the school holiday program run at the CSV?

    The holiday program will continue to run over the school holiday in 2020. The council also runs many other free or low-cost activities in the school holidays. Check our website for more information.

    What about the kindergartens who won’t receive the program?

    All children will have an opportunity to take part in the program once they attend school. Kindergartens can also seek out other road safety programs, such as those run by the Early Learning Association of Australia.

    The program is always booked out, why are you closing it?

    See response to `Why is Council closing the CSV’.

    Did the CFA know the CSV was going to close?

    The CFA was engaged in the Casey Safety Village service review process, as were other key stakeholders including Victoria Police, Scouts and Metro Trains. The CFA were informed of Council’s decision prior to it being made public.

    What will happen to the Fire safety programs being delivered by the CFA?

    The CFA offers a range of community education programs including those targeting children.

    It will be up to the CFA to determine the best way to deliver their programs to the community. The CFA programs can continue to operate from the CSV for the next 12 months until the site is closed.