5 months ago

After hours upon hours of culling, checking and rechecking – we have finally got to the bottom of the list of entries for the street naming competition.

A few fun facts:

  • We received 312 contributions. Of these, the majority provided 10 or more names for consideration with the largest contributor suggesting 265 names using Clyde in Scotland as a theme (all the surrounding countys, features etc)
  • We have 12 Aboriginal names that fit the OGN regulations that we have “approved” subject to permission from the Elders.
  • We eliminated 190 contributions due to use of first or surname – with most of these having more than one suggestion being all their family names!
  • We received a lot of names that already exist in Clyde or the City of Casey so were unable to utilise them.
  • We have retained 39 names as “Maybe’s” which we will revisit should Mirvac need more names and/or we are asked to suggest names for other streets in the City of Casey. These are maybe’s based on that they don’t wholly fit the criteria but possibly could.
  • Favourite themes were the Girl Guide Names, Butterfly Species, Chicken Species and the links to Clyde – Farm names, Horses, Old Scotland names etc.
  • Streetymcstreetface did get a mention but unfortunately does not comply with OGN regulations
  • Peace & Harmony were regular submissions (but can only be approved once)
  • Fairy tale themes were suggested as these provide good role models

Again, thank you to everyone who provided their suggestions.

We have banked the names and once MIRVAC send through the Plans of Subdivision we can create the street names for use.

We will be in touch with the contributors who have names used for the upcoming development.

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Consultation has concluded