How are streets named and what’s the process?

    Street names must meet State Government guideline requirements. We are required to use the naming rules for places in Victoria when naming or renaming roadways within Casey. All road names must comply with these rules as per the Geographical Place Names Act 1998. To approve a road name, City of Casey must ensure all the rules have been met. The guidelines are listed below.

    When developers are creating a new estate, it is their responsibility to come up with streets names which they then submit to Council for approval.

    Once your suggestion has been received, we will check it against the guidelines for compliance.  If approved, the name is then reserved for use in our bank of names.

    The difficulty with street naming is making sure you meet all the guidelines. This can be challenging but also an opportunity to discover our links to place and features of our community. Suggestions can range from varieties of plants found in the region to animal breeds, world event themes that constituents may partake in and many more. 

    It is preferred that we don’t receive names relevant to popular TV shows or movies, rather we receive proposed names that are relevant and applicable to our people and community.

    Time to put your thinking caps on and share your knowledge of our fabulous city.

    Will any name I suggest be used?

    By submitting a street name suggestion, it’s not guaranteed that it will be used. Council will have to assess the name against its guidelines as per any street name that is submitted for consideration in our city.

    Once a street name is approved, this will remain in our bank of street names to be used in Casey for the future, with Mirvac getting first preference for their Smiths Lane development.

    What are the guidelines Council uses to determine if a street name is acceptable?

    Council considers the following guidelines when it comes to approving street names for use, so we encourage you to also consider these prior to submitting a name:

    ·  Ensure there’s no duplication of names within the City of Casey

    ·  Must not be discriminatory

    ·  Cannot use personal (first names), business or commercial names

    ·  Directional names to be avoided (North, South, East and West)

    ·  Ensure your street name is easy to pronounce, spell and write

    ·  Name cannot be of numeric value

    ·  Can include recognition and use of Aboriginal language and names (Subject to approval by Elders)

    ·  Consider a link of the name to place

    Prior to submitting names please refer to the VicNames website below to avoid duplication:

    How will I know if my street name suggestion/s have been selected for use?

    We’ll report back with a list of the approved street names for Smiths Lane on this Casey Conversations page later this year. When you submit a street name suggestion, there’s also be a box you can tick to let us know if you consent to taking part in a photo opportunity under your street sign when it is installed, as we’d love to share some of the stories behind the names once they are in use.

    Can you tell me more about the Smiths Lane development?

    The team at Mirvac have designed this new community which is now selling in Clyde North. On the completion of this significant new neighbourhood, approximately 6,500 people will live in over 2,200 homes, enjoying exceptional amenity just a short stroll from their front door.

    Find out more on the Smiths Lane website.