The City of Casey is the largest and one of the fastest growing municipalities in Victoria, so it is essential that we create a sustainable community for the 356,600 residents who call Casey home. This means building and maintaining a healthy urban space as well as protecting and caring for our fauna and flora.

The City of Casey has well over 250 000 trees, and some of these are very special. We recognise the importance of each and every one of our trees for the physical and spiritual wellbeing they provide to the community. We also recognise the importance of sharing our knowledge with the community so our tremendous trees can be appreciated and protected community members.

To further protect and celebrate our trees we want you – the community, to nominate the trees that are important to you. To help the whole community find Casey's champion trees, we have created interactive significant tree map that details not only where Casey important trees are, but also what they look like. If you know of a tree that is tremendous, but is outside of our record, you can pin your tree so that it can be included and enjoyed by all.

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