What is a Development Plan?

    A Development Plan is a planning document which allows landowners, planners, and the community to understand what kind of development is allowed. The purpose of the Hampton Park Central Development Plan is to guide development of Hampton Park Central and inform decision-making when Council assesses planning permit applications.

    A Development Plan can only apply to land which is covered by a Development Plan Overlay.

    How does the draft Development Plan affect me?

    If you are a landowner in Narre Warren North

    As a landowner in the Narre Warren North area covered by a Development Plan Overlay, you will need to be generally in accordance with the Cell N Development Plan if you choose to redevelop your property. 

    Currently, any development needs to comply with the existing Cell N Development Plan. Should Council choose to adopt the amended plan, any redevelopment will need to comply with the new Cell N Development Plan.

    If you are not a landowner in Narre Warren North

    The Development Plan only applies to land within a select area of Narre Warren North (historically termed 'Cell N'). While this means that the Development Plan has no direct impact upon your property, Council values broader community input and wants to create an area which the community can be proud of.

    What’s different between the old and new Development Plan?

    The City of Casey has reviewed and amended the Cell N Development Plan under Development Plan Overlay 2 of the Casey Planning Scheme. The Development Plan has been amended to change the minimum subdivision size from 2000m2 to 1000m2 for the land at 2-10 Kostic Boulevard, 21-27 Robinsons Road, and 31-35 Robinson Road, Narre Warren North. 

    The amendments to the Development Plan were approved by Council at Council meeting on Thursday 8th November 2018.