What we heard

over 2 years ago

We developed the draft Casey's Future: A plan for children, young people and families using information that you told us, in the following ways:

  • Almost 1,000 parents, carers, grandparents and children responded to surveys or participated in children's activities.
  • A young people's focus group was formed
  • Engagement conducted at the Youth Summit
  • Findings from Casey Next

Below is a summary of our findings:

Children told us:

» Being heard is important for your wellbeing.

» Your 'family is the most important thing to you’.

» You have a very clear holistic understanding of what makes you healthy including but not limited to 'healthy food, exercise, clean environment, dental hygiene, nature and rest’.

» You have the most fun 'playing at outdoor parks' and think 'we need to look after our environment and keep it clean'.

Young people told us:

» 'Because of community misconceptions about the abilities and intelligence of youth, youth are denied many opportunities given to adults’.

» 'You enjoy being an active part of the community'.

» 'Family relationships are extremely important' to you.

» You 'like growing up in Casey because it is a family oriented community'.

» 'Physical and mental health is very important' to you.

» You want 'to feel confident and resilient to be the person you are'

» You turn to 'family, friends, teachers, internet, school counsellors, telephone hotlines, magazines and community agencies for information and support’.

Children and Young People told us:

» Your 'friends are important to you’.

» You felt happy when you were 'included in activities with your friends and community’.

» You 'enjoy diversity’.

» You 'like to have places to go to’.

» You are interested in 'sport and creative arts activities but find it hard to participate as they are not local making it difficult for you to access’.

» You would like more 'local sporting activities, especially swimming pools and opportunities to connect with nature'.

Families told us:

» You 'want your children to have every opportunity to excel at the things they love….and go on to do what they are passionate about’.

» Your biggest 'hope for your children's and young people's future was for them to feel happy, safe and included to become the best they can be’.

» You want your 'children to grow in a community that was family friendly and safe with opportunities to engage, understand and experience diversity’.

» You would like 'more affordable, quality, accessible, local, learning and educational opportunities for your child and young person.’

» You believe 'affordable, accessible health care prevention and support is required to provide opportunities for your children and young people to be healthy and happy’.

» You would like 'more advertising of what is available for children, young people and families.’

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Consultation has concluded