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  • The City of Casey manages over 180,000 street trees as well as over 140,000 park trees. These trees provide a raft of benefits to our community. These benefits include providing shade which reduces urban heat, improving and softening our landscapes, creating a healthier environment to live in, increasing property values, and providing immense habitat to animals. There are however several challenges which leave our greenery vulnerable and in need of protection. Some of these include climate change, population growth and countering urban heat.
  • The urban forest is made up of native and exotic trees, shrubs, grasslands, and other vegetation, growing on public and private land across Casey, and the soil and water that supports them.
  • Our Urban Forest Strategy is being developed to provide direction and vision to grow and improve our urban forest. This will include examining best practice management practices for Council trees as well as protecting and encouraging tree planting in the private realm.
  • Councils’ strategy will align with the Living Melbourne: Our Living Forest Strategy which Casey is an endorsing partner. The six actions of this strategy include:

1: Protect and restore species habitat and improve connectivity

2: Set targets and track progress

3: Scale up greening in the private realm

4: Collaborate across sectors and regions

5: Build a toolkit of resources to underpin implementation

6: Fund the protection and enhancement of the urban forest

By providing your feedback you will be able to help shape our targets and actions for the strategy, and assist in setting the direction to achieving a healthy and resilient urban forest which provides immense benefits to our community.

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