What is the project vision?

    The vision for the project is to be 'An inviting central heart for the community that celebrates participation, belonging and civic pride'.

    What are the project objectives?

    The projects objectives are:

    • Community, cultural and civic heart
    • Identity that reflects community values
    • Tells the story of our community and celebrates our history and diversity
    • Strong inclusive, inviting and engaging public plaza
    • Activated and engaging space for events and informal meetings
    • Complementary surrounding facilities
    • Truly unique design that instils pride and ownership by the community
    • Visible and transparent connection with Council
    • Harness emerging technologies and digital art forms

    How will Council fund the project and will there be an impact on rates?

    Through many years of responsible financial management, Council can finance the Casey Cultural and Civic Precinct without an increase to rates. Council will use a combination of savings, a loan and external funding to fund the project. It is hoped that as the project will benefit the broader community, the State and Federal Governments will contribute funds.

    Will the current library and Civic Centre be retained?

    The Casey Cultural and Civic Precinct will feature a new community library, including community meeting rooms and state-of-the-art learning experiences including new technologies to engage the high proportion of youth and young adults that live in the area. A new Civic Centre will also form part of the new development. Council has not finalised the future use of the current library and Civic Centre site.

    What will the new development encompass?

    The $125 million Casey Cultural and Civic Precinct will be located adjacent to Casey ARC and will be an innovative multi-purpose facility combining a wide range of cultural,  community and civic amenities under the one roof. The total area of the building is expected to be 20,000 m2 with a 5,000 m2 community plaza. It is likely that the building footprint will be about 5,000 m2, which is the size of a soccer field.

    What will it look like?

    While Council has a vision for the Cultural and Civic Precinct, the community is encouraged to provide feedback on the vision, objectives and site plan to shape the design of the facility.  Council will engage specialist architects to prepare schematic designs to ensure it is a facility that the community will be proud of. 

    What features will it have?

    The Casey Cultural and Civic Precinct will comprise a regional theatre, multi-purpose exhibition space, regional art gallery, new community library, community meeting rooms, Civic Centre and community plaza.

    Are arts and cultural facilities currently lacking in Casey?

    Yes. The City of Casey remains one of the fastest growing regions in Australia with approximately 270,000 residents, yet our residents travel to Frankston and Dandenong to access preforming arts facilities. A survey undertaken by Council revealed that 58 per cent of Casey’s residents travel outside the municipality to access arts opportunities and 49 per cent of Casey’s residents want to participate in arts, but don’t currently, due to a lack of infrastructure.

    What amenities will be available for the arts community?

    An 800 seat regional theatre with full fly tower and orchestra pit will provide the region with access to an extensive national and state touring circuit of professional product including drama, comedy, ballet, opera, world music, musical theatre and family and children’s performances. There will also be a multi-purpose exhibition space and regional art gallery for touring exhibitions, gala functions, small-scale performances, trade shows, business functions and events.

    What amenities will be available for library users?

    A new community library will not only include the capacity to loan books and audio visual materials, but will also include community meeting rooms and state-of-the-art learning experiences featuring new technologies to engage the high proportion of youth and young adults that live in the area.

    What amenities will be available for schools?

    The facility will incorporate a Regional Schools Centre For The Arts which will include elements that will enable schools to develop latent talent, hold major school productions, engage in creative development projects and showcase a range of visual arts. The provision of elements such as an orchestra pit and a multi-use space adjacent to the theatre makes it ideally suited for both small and large-scale school productions. In addition to the regional theatre, exhibition space, regional art gallery, new community library and community meeting rooms which will be able to be used by schools, an activated community plaza specifically designed for community events will be available.

    How many jobs will be created?

    The $125 million project will provide at least 1,000 jobs during the construction phase. In addition to providing local jobs for local people, it will also stimulate the financial growth and sustainability of the arts and cultural sector.

    Has planning approval been obtained from the Planning Minister?

    Council is awaiting a planning scheme amendment from the Planning Minister in relation to the new site. It is not unusual for a project to be announced prior to planning approval.

    Will the new facility improve Council’s ability to provide customer service to the community?

    The Casey Cultural and Civic Precinct will provide a number of opportunities to enhance Council’s ability to provide service to the community as it will be a one-stop-shop for a whole new range of services, including theatre shows, arts exhibitions and community functions.

    How can the community have their say?

    Council has developed a vision, objectives and site plan for the project, but is seeking community input to further develop the project. Those wanting to provide feedback are encouraged to respond to the forums and polls on this site. 

    Council will also hold focus groups and briefings with the community in the near future.

    How will feedback be used?

    Feedback from the community will help Council prepare advice to the architect to enable the concept to be developed.


    What is the timing for the project?

    While the exact timeframes for completion of the project are not defined at this stage, it is anticipated that design, planning and community consultation will occur from June 2013, construction will commence mid-2015, with project completion around mid-2017.