Fix Our Roads

almost 2 years ago
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The Casey Community deserves its fair share of road funding and is calling on the State Government and Opposition to Commit to Casey and fix our roads.

What does Casey need?

The City of Casey in partnership with our community has identified six priority road projects – representing some of Victoria’s worst choke points – that urgently need to be fixed.

This $1.2 billion package will unclog roads, improve freeway access, better link Casey to Dandenong and Cardinia’s job hubs and plan for growing communities in Cranbourne East and North, Clyde, Clyde North and Bontanic Ridge.

Improving Freeway Access

· Extend the Southern Dandenong Bypass through to South Gippsland Freeway and complete the South Gippsland Freeway / M1 connection

· Duplicate the Pound Road – Greaves Road – O’Shea Road route from Hampton Park to the M1 Beaconsfield interchange

Better Community Connections

· Complete the duplication of Narre Warren – Cranbourne Road, from Thompsons Road to South Gippsland Highway

· Complete the duplication of the Berwick – Cranbourne Road route from Thompsons Road through Pattersons Road to Narre Warren Cranbourne Road

Casey Job Links

· Extend Glasscocks Road from South Gippsland Highway through to Dandenong Frankston Road

· Extend Thompsons Road from Clyde Road to Cardinia Road

Why is it needed?

In Casey, too many families spend too much time stuck in traffic each day – all they want is to get where they need to be safer and sooner.

Over the past 10 years the Casey population has doubled and is set to exceed 500,000 by 2041. With more people come more cars and more congestion. In the past five years alone, the number of Casey residents who drive to work has increased by 20%.

How will the community benefit?

Delivering this roads package will create more than 8,500 jobs and inject $673 million into the local economy. It will keep traffic moving and better connect Casey residents to jobs, services and most importantly, their families.

Consultation has concluded