Extend Cranbourne Rail

over 2 years ago
Why has Council launched the campaign?

Council is seeking a funding commitment to duplicate the Cranbourne Railway line from Dandenong to Cranbourne and extend the line to Clyde in the next term of government.

Why is it needed?

The Casey population is set to exceed 500,000 by 2041.

Last year Cranbourne East was the fastest growing area in Australia and the adjoining Clyde region is set to grow by 478% by 2041.

Casey is already one of Victoria’s most poorly public transportserviced municipalities – this can’t go on, urgent action is needed.

If urgent action is not taken the region will almost be built out before Cranbourne Railway line is extended – rapid growth and no rail extension is a recipe for disaster.

The Casey Community deserves its fair share of public transport funding and is calling on the State Government and Opposition to Commit to Casey and extend Cranbourne Railway line.

How will the community benefit?

Extending Cranbourne Railway line to Clyde will create more than 9,750 jobs and inject $841 million
into the local economy.

It will make sure that the necessary public transport infrastructure is in place to service our growing communities, and support the development of new town centres and services.

To learn more about Commit to Casey follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/committocasey.

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Consultation has concluded