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Share your feedback or comments on Council's 2013-14 Draft Budget!

over 6 years ago

Any person requesting to be heard in support of his or her written submission is entitled to be heard before Council and needs to include a request to be heard in the submission.

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  • GB5 over 6 years ago
    Hi, I am glad that Casey is spending money on sports grounds and parks as it is important for a healthy community. When is the Hunt Club reserve in Cranbourne East being developed?. I understand that the planning and design was part of last years budget. It seems that there are a few estates that have jumped the queue in regards to there recreation reserves going ahead.Regards
  • JohnFourOaksWard over 6 years ago
    The Casey draft budget document for 2013/14 is about robbing Peter to pay Paul. It is about accepting the shifting of the costs of growth away from state and federal governments and onto ratepayers.Casey's revenues may have been subject to "external impacts", as detailed in the budget draft papers by the Mayor, Amanda Stapleton, but this shouldn't mean all Casey residents now have to compensate for this with a general rates increase of 7.5%. Such an increase in our rates is totally unnecessary. There are alternative budget strategies to a 7.5% rate rise.Ideally I would like to renovate our home and update our car, but my revenue has been impacted by a contracting economy. So I am going to postpone these expenditures until I find the revenue and until consumer demand improves in my business. Casey can do the same and delay or reconsider some of the planned expenditures and projects as many of them are not urgent.If the state and federal governments are reducing their financial grants to local government then it is unfair for home owners to be forced to compensate local council through a higher general rate rise. This is simply about shifting the costs of development from government and business and onto local residents.Wyndham City Council is growing at more than twice the rate of Casey, but their proposed rates increase is 5.5%. Yarra Ranges are proposing a rate rise of 4.8%. While the City of Moreland, on the other hand, has a planned rate rise is 3% only.A budget should not be about shifting the costs of growth and development onto ratepayers. A budget that has been subject to external impacts and loss of revenue has to then reduce its own expenditures, borrow funds at low interest rates and manage a deficit, or find alternative sources of revenue for example by doubling or tripling the rates on venues which impact negatively on the lives of our community (gaming machine venues, fast food outlets, retailers of alcohol including hotels). All Casey home and property owners should have the opportunity to address council before the planned general rates is implemented. In my view, there is no case for increasing rates in Casey by 7.5% and imposing the costs of Council's development projects onto all ratepayers. Let's be proactive and aim for a zero rate increase. In future our Council should not proceed with any further development (land subdivisions) if it means rate increases for existing Casey residents.
  • Justus over 6 years ago
    Can you please do a reality check on the funds allocated for recreational infrastructures - upgrades and new? Do we need to achieve all this in one year? Cutting back may assist in reducing the rate hike.
  • nutty.nitty over 6 years ago
    I was going through the allocations in the budget and was amazed to see $2.2m for improvement to Endeavour Hills Leisure centre. I would like to know what sort of improvements are planned for that amount. I am not averse to any improvements but to me it seems to be a huge amount to be spent on a small leisure centre unless you are planing to completely renovate the centre with state of the art technology. Even then it seems to be very huge amount. Regards
  • Mamad over 6 years ago
    Do you want to spend $13 m for AFL and cricket in Cranbourne!!? How many cricketers are living there? It is not acceptable. Please divide $13000000 by the number of cricketers who are living there and check it! As seme as last operating budget, Narre Warren has been forgotten. We pay rates, we do not have any park in Narre Warren, and we do not have enough pedestrian walkway. For example, there is no pedestrian walkway between Overland Drive and Princes HWY in Narre Warren North Rd. Pedestrians who walk through the north side of Narre Warren North Rd have to use the alternative way via Webb Street, but part of pathway in this street is slippery and paved with gravel (south side of Webb St in front of Super cheap Auto). Therefore, in a rainy condition, it would be very dangerous for pedestrians.
  • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 6 years ago
    Thanks for your feedback and comments. Council will consider comments and adopt the budget at a Special Council Meeting to be held at the Civic Centre, Magid Drive, Narre Warren, on Tuesday 25 June 2013.Any person requesting to be heard in support of his or her written submission is entitled to be heard before Council and needs to include a request to be heard in the submission.
  • Lyn.fisher over 6 years ago
  • Leo over 6 years ago
    The 7.5% rate increase is outrageous! Given the dire employment conditions in Victoria and the increasing costs of everything (e.g. utility bills, insurance, regos), the Casey City Council MUST first look at the capacity of ratepayers on how much we can afford, and draft the budget based on that. What has been happening year after year is the Council comes up with the Wish List and then impose on the ratepayers to cough up with the money. Yesterday I just called up my health insurance fund, and changed to less expensive cover for my family. We try to live within what we can afford. And so to the council, draft the budget to within what us ratepayers can afford. Bring down the rate!
  • chezza over 6 years ago
    Chris - Edrington Ward. I cannot believe this Council has the interests of rate payers as a core value. Even allowing for the 3% impost of "external factors" the remaining 4.5% is still above the posted CPI figure obtained from the Bureau of Statistics. Further more why is this Council hell bent on spending $15.2million on sports grounds and gymnasiums. Surely some of this could be reigned back until the economy picks up. The continual expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary, which I have been told is from Spring Street, will be the death knell for this city. It needs to be stopped now.
  • Julie Freeman over 6 years ago
    Hi all, I’m a researcher at the University of Canberra and I’m conducting a study on the ways that citizens communicate with their local government, with the aim of uncovering the types of contact methods that citizens prefer. I’m seeking residents of the City of Casey (over the age of 18) to provide feedback on their experiences with the local government. I will be holding small, one hour focus groups in the City of Casey in mid-late July, and would greatly appreciate it if anyone would be prepared to contribute their views. If you would like to be involved, please contact me directly for further information:Julie FreemanUniversity of CanberraEmail: 02 6201 2346Mob (Call/Text): 0467 486 576