Project Information

The City of Casey has endorsed a Climate Action Plan, which identifies a range of actions to help reduce emissions and tackle the contributing factors of climate change. One of the actions from that plan is the development of a solar farm within the City of Casey.

In December 2018 a feasibility study was undertaken with a follow up business case completed in September 2021 for a solar development at the land formerly known as Old Casey Landfill, 16-32 Cyril Beechey Lane, Cranbourne.

There are many factors that are considered when selecting a site for a solar farm. The feasibility study determined that a solar farm was suitable for the landfill site for the following reasons:

  • The land is not suitable for residential, industrial, agricultural or public uses.
  • There is low visual impact on neighbouring residents.
  • The project will create jobs in the local area during the construction phase and ongoing operation of the farm.
  • Land topography and the absence of trees.
  • The site is located near grid connection infrastructure.
  • Land zoning allows for electricity generation.

Studies conducted on operating solar farms show there is negligible noise and no significant glint or glare issues. As part of the design phase, a glare impact assessment specialist would review the proposed site and determine if a glare hazard is present for people living nearby or travelling on surrounding roads.

In mid-2023, Council intends to put an Expression of Interest to market for an energy developer to construct the solar farm.

More information about the project can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.