What is an activity centre?

    Activity centres are areas that provide a focus for services, employment, housing, transport and social interaction. They can range in size from smaller neighbourhood centres to major suburban and larger metropolitan centres.

    What is a structure plan?

    A structure plan is a high-level document which informs the development or redevelopment of large areas where there are multiple land owners. It does not go into a lot of detail about specific sites, but provides principles, objectives and guidelines to inform how an area should grow and change over time. Structure plans are informed by background research which helps us understand what an area may need into the future and what key projects, changes or development will support this.

    Wasn’t there already a structure plan for the Cranbourne Town Centre? Why do we need a new one?

    Plans are never “finished” or “complete”, especially long-term strategic plans. They need adapt to changes which occur over time, so they must be flexible while also providing a consistent strategic direction. Structure plans are often reviewed and refreshed to ensure they’re relevant and respond to their local context appropriately. Every 5-10 years a larger review may occur to understand how an activity centre is functioning and what the likely demand for jobs, housing and other services may be.

    What or where is the Cranbourne Town Centre?

    The Cranbourne Town Centre is located mostly in the suburb of Cranbourne and a little into Cranbourne East. It is the second largest activity centre in the City of Casey and extends from north of the Cranbourne Railway Station, around the Cranbourne Place Shops all the way down to the intersection of South Gippsland Highway and Cameron Street and includes light industrial, retail, commercial and residential land in between.

    What does this structure plan do?

    The structure plan provides some high level principles and objectives as well as a range of projects Council may undertake to support the growth and development of the Cranbourne Town Centre over time. The structure plan includes "statutory implementation" (changes to the planning scheme) and "non-statutory implementation" (capital works and improvements).

    What do I have to do now?

    Nothing! But if you like, you can make a submission and tell us what you think about the draft structure plan.