Do you believe a bypass is needed to improve traffic flow through Cranbourne? Why?

over 8 years ago

This consultation has concluded.

  • Gill madhan about 2 years ago
    The free way should by pass cranbourne because its always busy , traffic turning in to the shopping centre and lanes merging. Dont understand why traffic neet to get off and get back onto the freeway through a horrible intersection like cranbourne
  • EYoung over 2 years ago
    Yes we are locals and the huge trucks are dangerous to be driving straight past parked vehicles parked next to local shops. Easier for the truck drivers too to have a bypass. We all need it.
  • Peter about 4 years ago
    A Cranbourne/Sth Gippsland hwy bypass already exists in the form of the Westernport Hwy from Lyndhurst. A suitable connecting road is simply required to allow traffic to join the Sth Gippsland hwy again south of Cranbourne.
  • Fairlane over 8 years ago
    There is no doubt that there is traffic congestion through High Street. A bypass would seem a sensible approach to the problem. However if a bypass was constucted it may eliminate passing trade from all of the traders along High Street and it is my belief that they would appreciate every new sale sale they can gather. Even if there were no traffic at all, who would want to sit sipping coffee or eating out in the weather. Cranbourne doesn't have a culture like Toorak. My greatest objection however is the proposed route of the bypass. When I first came to Cranbourne many years ago, Narre Warren Road was a dirt track and there were very few homes along it, mainly the Hunt Club and vacant cow paddocks. At this time it was the perfect place for a bypass. Now however the area is heavily populated, has an education precinct along it and is already troubled with excessive traffic flow. It would seem to me to be no solution at all sending more traffic, including B doubles, through a densely populated area even if the road was duplicated.Surely a more practical solution would be to divert the southbound traffic from the South Gippsland Hwy along Thompson Road,which is already partly duplicated, to the Cranbourne Berwick Road and down to the South Gippsland Highway near Fiveways. Northbound traffic could follow the same route. This would have the effect wer are all after, reducing traffic in the township of Cranbourne. The areas where this proposal would send traffic is not densely populated and there is plenty of room for road duplication and improvement.
    • Chris over 7 years ago
      The bypass area has been allocated along ANrre road for quite some time, even before all the development. They have built up well back from the current road to allow for the expansion. If you don't want to live near a busy bypass, don't buy where one os proposed or planned to go.Too many people complain about new roads and bypasses being too close to their houses yet they chose to buy there with the change that in the future there would be a road built there... Now who is the one at fault?
      • iratepayer over 7 years ago
        I would think the morons that allowed the devalopment of residential areas along cranbourne-narre warren rd to be built without allowing a proper buffer zone might be guilty. It seems they did this without foresight and now are in a bind over where to shunt traffic flows as population expands and even more residential areas are devaloped both high st and cranbourne narre warren rds are suffering from growing traffic. The Cameron st section needs to be duplicated and a bypass on cranbourne berwick rd needs to be built.
  • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 8 years ago
    Media Release 19 July 2011: Council confirms Cranbourne Bypass still a key priority - visit City of Casey continues to push for the full duplication of Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road and construction of the Cranbourne Bypass.
  • Dave over 8 years ago
    Yes, its true the High Street may need a bypass. There are some things that can be done to help in that part of High Street and the council can't or don't want to see it. However, it should NOT go where the council proposal wants it to go. In making the High Street a coffee precinct that does not guarantee that all resident will use it.Why make peoples lives a nightmare 24 hours a day in a residential area. There are SCHOOLS and houses on Narre Warren Cranbourne Road that weren't there 30 years ago when the bypass was first proposed. The councilors that are pushing this proposal should live where they are saying it should go, and see if they would say that's where it should go - I think not.
  • develyn over 8 years ago
    I am trying to visualise the traffic from South Gippsland Highway/High Street PLUS the normal traffic on the Narre Warren/Cranbourne Road all going to the roundabout at Sladen Road. It's not a good picture. Plus the school time traffic and the Berwick/ Cranbourne Road traffic. And then comes PEAK HOUR. Not a good road to be on or try to get onto at those times. And then there is the amount of trucks, buses and emergency vehicles that the council wants to bypass on to Narre Warren/Cranbourne Road. Just a few reasons why I don't want the bypass along the proposed route.
  • basil over 8 years ago
    It is mostly the High Street traders who want the by-pass, not the residents. A lot more people will be directly impacted - 24 hours a day - if the traffic is diverted into the residential areas along the Narre Warren-Cranbourne and Camms Roads. The council should not be supporting a plan which will reduce the quality of living for a majority, to benefit the income for a minority.
  • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 8 years ago
    VicRoads as the state road authority is responsible for planning the route of arterial roads, such as the Cranbourne Bypass. VicRoads originally planned the Cranbourne Bypass alignment many years ago, and owns about 95 per cent of the bypass route, including the land for the future northern connection, as well as the extra land required to build new traffic lanes in the Narre Warren – Cranbourne Road section.Narre Warren – Cranbourne Road (Cameron Street) is currently part of the State Declared Arterial Road network. Under the proposal, the section of road in front of the school and residential properties would be converted into a local service road, and two new separate carriageways constructed to carry the arterial through traffic. Construction of the Cranbourne Bypass is part of the planned development and upgrade of the State Arterial Road network and Council is calling on the State Government to carry out these works as a priority.
  • Dave over 8 years ago
    well it shows that Casey Council don't give a damn about the problems it will cause along this part of the road to residents who live there, and will have to put up with all the problems there is with an high traffic flow.
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 8 years ago
      Although the road is called the Cranbourne Bypass, it is not a bypass road in the commonly understood way where a diversion takes through traffic around a town at maximum speed. The proposed Cranbourne Bypass is a normal urban arterial road, with urban speed limits.In the coming years, there will be considerable through traffic growth along the current section of Cameron Street with or without the Cranbourne Bypass. Access to properties fronting Cameron Street and to local streets such as Hunt Club Boulevard will become increasingly difficult.Under the proposal, the existing Cameron Street would become a service road, thereby providing safer access to the road network for those residents living along it. All of the through traffic would use the new duplicated road to be established on the wide vacant strip of land on the other side of Cameron Street. The proposed Cranbourne Bypass will take this traffic away from residents’ driveways and put it on a separate roadway in a similar manner to the recently upgraded section of Sladen Street (to the west of High Street).The bypass would also provide a safer alternative for all residents in this area who need to turn on or off Cameron Street from the various side streets such as Hunt Club Boulevard as there would be several sets of controlled traffic intersections extending from Camms Road south to the South Gippsland Highway.
  • jims2020 over 8 years ago
    I was driving into Cranbourne last night, the first time I drove around the peak hour of 6 pm. I was shocked to see how choc-a-block the Cranbourne Narre Warren Rd and Thomson's Rds were. I am moving into Cranbourne East next year and I am reconsidering my decision after last night's experience. I believe there is some urgent need for widening or double laning several of these roads. With the council permitting 1000s of new houses in estates around these areas, there is not enough road development in the area. In the next 2 years, driving would be a nightmare going by the current trend of increased traffic growth.
    • owen over 8 years ago
      owen 5/08/2011I live in gippsland highway ,and the traffic is getting worse in another 2 to 3 years it will be unbeable .Trucks that use that highway ,has increased so much that i now sleep in the back bedroom.Traffic is now like peak hour most days ,i hate to say this but we are going to have a lot more accidents if we dont get a hurry up on a bypass for cranbourne .Justen madden did say we would become another city like geelong, and now they finally got a bypass
      • jims2020 over 8 years ago
        I just went around Cranbourne town and consider this reporting from the field. This town is doomed to go the dogs because of the outdated town planning design in place. Hardly any coffee shops or eateries are easily accessible from High St. If business has to pick up, the council should plan to have coffee shops and eateries dotting along High St all the way to the Race Course. Does the council understand basics of town planning ? Do you have any cinemas for people of Cranbourne - what are the venues for entertainment. I would be happy to pay council rates, taxes and other fees if I got a dime worth that fees !! Do they ever see this as a major transit town enroute tourist spot like Phillip Island - this piece of island is highlighted even in international magazines as a tourist must see place whilst visiting Melbourne. If the council has any plans of reviving this sleepy town and breathe some life into it, something tangible needs to happen. I call upon councillors to act rather than behave like the US Congress - who talk and do nothing. Recklessly issuing hundreds of building permits in housing estates all around Cranbourne, without any thought for supporting infrastructure is unacceptable.
        • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 8 years ago
          The City of Casey recently adopted the 2011 Cranbourne Town Centre Plan and Urban Design Framework. The main aims of the plan and framework are to: • Continue to develop the Cranbourne Town Centre as a regional shopping and service destination, economic incubator and employment hub• Facilitate a vibrant town centre with: active frontages, a diverse array of businesses, numerous entertainment options and extended hours of operation, a department store, a second discount department store, and a cinema.The Council is also developing an Implementation Plan for the Town Centre. One of the key features of this plan is an advocacy program to attract new business to the area including a cinema. The Cranbourne Town Centre Plan and Urban Design Framework will soon be available on Council’s website at
          • daniel about 8 years ago
            Seriously though how long is all of this going to take?? you posted this in August 2011, and now we're in February 2012 and not a single thing has changed or even looks to be implemented in this apparrent 'soon to be entertainment/employment hub'... How about the council stops diddling around with this and actually implements something, and NOW!
            • daniel about 8 years ago
              The council should stop kidding everyone with these so called '20 year visions' which everyone including the councillors themselves know is never actually going to happenPaying some 'artist' several thousand dollars to draw some lovely looking promenade sketches which council have no intention of funding or trying to implement (passing the buck to future councils, who in turn will just do the same) with the false hope that this is what your neighbourhood will look like in the future... is not going to fool anyone into voting for them in again at the next election. It's just a waste of taxpayer dollars and taxpayer employed council workers time unless the council actually commits to this within the next year.
        • Chris over 7 years ago
          CINEMA ! I remember coming to Cranbourne and seeing flicks in the dodgy cinema at the back of the shopping centre. There is the massice gravel parking lot at the top of the south end car park of the Centro. They could easily develop a small 2 cinema complex there and have a fee eating places. Would make the night life in Cranbourne pick up. Get a lot of youth off the roam and actually give them something to do....Yes there are much bigger better movie facilities at Fountain Gate, Karingal, Dande, etc.... but to be able to have something walking distance and convenient, Doesn't have to be spectacular.
  • Fairlane over 8 years ago
    I am sure that nobody would oppose the duplication of Narre Warren Road. In fact if it were done properly, with service roads etc as mentioned it would be a great improvement to the area. However this is not a bypass ! The problem is the proposal to divert traffic from the South Gippsland Hwy across vacant land and dump it all onto Narre Warren Road, creating a town bypass.As has been mentioned elsewhere on this forum there is already too much traffic in this area and duplicating the road will not help. When all the traffic hits the roundabout at Sladen Street and then the South Gippsland Hwy it will bank up for a considerable distance. Just spend 10 minutes at Linsell Bvd any morning or night at peak times or school times and see the chaos.
  • jims2020 over 8 years ago
    My comment again might not be related to the Cranbourne bypass but a general infrastructure related query like my last one. This does not undermine my interest in seeing the Narre Warren - Cranbourne road duplicated and I as a Casey rates payer is happy to see the infrastructure being developed. As a growing suburb, I am also seeing lack of support services for the residents of Cranbourne - like Vic Roads, a good hospital, etc. I am aware there is a hospital in Berwick and some scattered around. But these are basic minimum support infrastructure required for any new suburbs being carved out. To date I as a rate payer haven't seen any mention of such support services for the communities in Cranbourne (especially East and South) which are fast growing. Whilst Dandenong and Frankston seem to be having the privilege of getting all new and better infrastructure including hospitals, Vic Roads, fantastic public libraries, etc. I am hesitant to mention the proposed rail station at Cranbourne East !!
  • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 8 years ago
    Media Release: Exciting new vision ensures a bright future for the Cranbourne Town Centre - 24 August 2011 ( Cranbourne Town Centre has an exciting ‘new vision’ with the adoption of three important plans to guide its future growth and development.Council recently adopted the Cranbourne Town Centre Plan, Cranbourne Town Centre Urban Design Framework (UDF) and Casey Complex Structure Plan which provide a robust strategic framework for the future development of the Cranbourne Town Centre.For more information visit,
  • bangerj about 8 years ago
    no i dont believe in the bypass,its dead.. like flogging a dead horse. its not going to happen. has been dead for many years. we need to duplicate the Narre Cranbourne road.Now thats worth the slog.
  • daniel about 8 years ago
    Of the Cranbourne town centre plan, that’s a pretty and also most likely expensive 20 year ‘vision’ that’s never going to happen. Why not call it ‘Cranbourne in the year 3050’? I can clearly see half a year later that none of this has been done or even begun to be implemented. So how much of the massive increase to our rates over the past few years (way above the CPI index) combined with the massive influx of new rates revenue coming from the never ending sea of shoe box sized houses being flogged in the area, has actually been set aside to achieve any of those plans this year? And how much has been spent so far/committed within the next few months in paying for this ‘vision’ to become a reality? And I don’t mean the tens of thousands spent just trying to plan/come up with this ‘vision’, but money that’s actually going to build this, and please don’t include funds that are all likely to be forever ‘carried over’ into the next budget as the majority of council projects are
  • mauriq over 7 years ago
    mauriq. It is not acceptable for large vehicles to use city centres when there is a viable alternative.I think the Cranbourne Bypass should be looked on on two fronts.1.Vehicles from the city going south-east use the Narre Warren-Cranbourne road from Fountain Gate to the South Gippsland Highway.2.All other vehicles use the South Gippsland Highway from the Freeway.In both cases the road from Thompson Road to South Gippsland Highway needs to be dual carraigeway, with a bridge over or tunnel under the railway line. This could be completed first, then the actual bypass from the South Gippsland Highway to the Narre Warren - Cranbourne road could be built. I think this would also cut down the amount of vehicles coming into Cranbourne.Once all this is finished, we then need a bridge or tunnel on the South Gippsland Highway at Cranbourne Station.
  • Chris over 7 years ago
    I don't think there is excessive traffic along the main drag but they could have a heavy vehicle bypass Along Cameron Street where it is proposed, and have it join up to the S/Gipps Hwy north end 1/2 way to the Home maker centre. The land there is already set aside. Then Upgrade the roundabout at the Berwick Crann Road end and continu along Cmaeron street to the South end of the S/Gips Hwy.Cranbourne is what I see the last "Civilization" before the big trek down to Philip Island and South Gippsland. Taking all the passing traffic will make the main street a dead street; unless they redevelop it more with and make it into a good shopping strip. Hard to do with the Centro right there with all the name brands inside.There are more pressing traffic issues than that of Main street Cranny. Thompsons Road is a disaster. Fix that and you'll find a lot of the other traffic problems in the area will become a lot less.
  • owen over 7 years ago
    By the time the appropriate people make up there minds, for a byepass it will be to late, the amount, of houses going up every were is just out of control, we are going to be in one hell of a mess.nothing much has been done since the meeting at bewick campus, that is nearly a year ago, puplic transport not up to scratch at all .with all these new areas people have only one way to get around and thats by car adding more traffic problems
  • daniel about 7 years ago
    Spot on Owen, new houses going up left, right and centre with more revenue rates flooding into the council, and yet years later they still havent done anything about the roads and poor traffic management...
  • spiritofcranbourne almost 7 years ago
    As at supporter of the Cranbourne Bypass for many years, I feel that it is necessary for the safety of the residents of Cranbourne. The large trucks certainly need to be removed from the main shopping strip (Sladen St to Clarendon St). We need to reduce the speed limit of High Street, which I believe via Vic Roads is not possible because High street is a main arterial rd. I asked why they can have the speed limit reduced in Berwick and the reply was they have a bypass so it is a Catch 22 situation. As far as the traffic being affected in Narre-warren Cranbourne Rd, the area will be duplicated and will be better for those living on and around the area. I do believe tht if it is to be duplicated we will need sound barriers as well. Another concern I have heard is that it will divide Cranbourne East and Cranbourne.....This will be avoided by a better access to Cranbourne Area so a better result than what is currently there. It is not just the traders in High St that are wanting a Bypass, we all want a safer area for us the residents. To those that are saying that High st will be a DEAD town. We are growing so quickly and I believe that if we can fight for a better ambience in High St we can obtain a Cafe serene main street, without the smell of the cattle trucks and the noise of the big b doubles and when they are permitted the big b triples. We would love to see a bypass in Cranbourne.Keep smiling everyone as Cranbourne is not the tiny little town it used to be we are growing quite significantly and we need for infrastructure and as a start FIX HIGH STREET. :-)
    • barryhahnel almost 7 years ago
      You are on the right track Spiritofcranbourne. For those who fear that taking the B-Doubles and other highway traffic out of the town will somehow be a disadvantage to the traders on the main strip, I suggest you look at the towns that have been bypassed. Most of them have developed substantially and developed a new and more pleasant atmosphere. Drouin and Warragul are prime examples. There are many more along our rural highways - Gisbourne, Kyneton, Seymour just as examples. Cranbourne has nothing to lose by being bypassed - everything to gain.
  • barryhahnel almost 7 years ago
    I don't know where the proposed route for the Cranbourne bypass is, but if it is only 1.2 km it is not going to bypass much of Cranbourne. However I strongly favour a Cranbourne bypass in the hope that it would relieve the stress currently placed on Clyde Road, Berwick south of the Princes Freeway. This former suburban street is now the alternative South Gippsland Highway and local residents venture onto it at their peril.
  • Rockdaisy almost 7 years ago
    I strongly support to do bypass surgery to Cranbourne's Heart.- Driving through High st is quiet dangerous for those who use it to go for shopping, drop their kids to school etc. I have seen many instances when B-double trucks pass inches away from pedestrian coming off their paralleled parked cars. This is serous Road safety issue.- I've personally observed that B-Double's passing through numerous traffic lights on High st, often fail to keep pedestrian crossings clear and hence greater safety concerns arise for children and aged pedestrians of our Aging Australia.
  • Julie Freeman over 6 years ago
    Hi all, I’m a researcher at the University of Canberra and I’m conducting a study on the ways that citizens communicate with their local government, with the aim of uncovering the types of contact methods that citizens prefer. I’m seeking residents of the City of Casey (over the age of 18) to provide feedback on their experiences with the local government. I will be holding small, one hour focus groups in the City of Casey in mid-late July, and would greatly appreciate it if anyone would be prepared to contribute their views. If you would like to be involved, please contact me directly for further information:Julie FreemanUniversity of CanberraEmail: 02 6201 2346Mob (Call/Text): 0467 486 576
  • daniel over 6 years ago
    Well Julie Freeman I guess you can rule out online community forums as a way to communicate to local government... because as you can clearly see the updates/talk back from the council is non-existant, furthermore there is also no advice whatsoever as to what if anything at all will done with all of the suggestions here on the forums. So I've got no idea as to what purpose they seem to serve.