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How important is it to you that the Cranbourne East railway station is delivered now?

over 9 years ago
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  • bjmapm2202 over 9 years ago
    After 11 years of promises, I feel now is the right time. Cranbourne East is growing and with the residents who live either side of the proposed site, it'll cater for those and others who will eventually settle here. As well the pollution issue, people depending upon their cars to drive to Cranbourne Station everyday. A short walk to the new station would be beneficial
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  • ojalarcon over 9 years ago
    I am a new resident in this area (Cranbourne East) and, to be honest, I hoped to find more people involved in this discussion on the website. I am sure there are a lot of people wanting the Cranbourne East railway station using other forums though, not only internet.In my opinion, the railway station is a KEY factor for Cranbourne East in the years to come, according to the increasing numbers of new residents every month. The former Planning Minister Justin Madden said the planned Cranbourne East rail station won't happen until 2013. "We are ensuring people can not only live and work closer to their home, but live in a neighbourhood and be part of a community they will want to call home," he said. (Herald Sun, sounds good in a fantastic world, but the REALITY is the majority of the residents do not work locally, not because they don't want to, but because they have to. If we have a railway station in Cranbourne East, I won't stop to call this place "home", for God's sake!! Instead, I will be happier, because I will have a public transport facility closer to me home.I don't know if the new Planning Minister has the same lame point of view that Madden has, let's hope not. It is time to empowering the people and asking us what we consider are the best things for our communities, and I am sure the railway station construction will be supported for thousands of residents. We don't want one politician takes a decision that impacts thousands of people.I will promote this website to make the discussion spread and getting more people involved.
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    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 9 years ago
      Thank you for your comments in support of construction of the Cranbourne East railway station. The City of Casey is strongly advocating for this vital public transport infrastructure for the many thousands of residents who are moving in to the areas of Cranbourne East, Clyde and surrounds. We also appreciate your promotion of this website so other Casey residents can join the discussion. Casey Conversations is Council’s new dedicated community consultation website providing an opportunity for people to provide input into a number of key advocacy issues that, if successful, will make a significant difference to the lives of residents in Casey.
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