Why is the City of Casey focussing on the construction of the Cranbourne East railway station?

    The population of the greater Cranbourne area, including Clyde, Clyde North, Botaninc Ridge and Devon Meadows, is expected to exceed 140,000 in the near future. One railway station cannot effectively service a population of this size.

    Without this station, residents of Cranbourne East, Clyde and Clyde North will be forced to rely heavily on private motor vehicles.

    This would contribute to the growing congestion on Casey’s roads and perpetuate residents’ high exposure to rising fuel costs.

    What development is planned for Cranbourne East?

    The Victorian Government has announced significant development plans for the Cranbourne area expected to house up to extra 20,000 people over the next 15 years. Permits have already been granted for the first 3,000 homes.

    The City of Casey believes the Cranbourne East railway station should be constructed before thousands of new families move into the area.