What is our CYF Action Plan?

    The CYF Action Plan is an annual document outlining projects and initiatives that will assist the department to meet the strategic objectives outlined in the Casey’s Future Plan 2017-2020. 

    How does my completed survey support our Child, Youth and Family Action Plan 2020-21?

    All feedback received through this survey and the ‘Virtual Pop-in Consultation’ will be provided to the Leadership Team to identify priorities for the next CYF Action Plan 2020-21. It is important to have full staff input across CYF to ensure our Action Plan is reflective of the what we all contribute to.

    Who are the 2019-20 Action Plan Advocates?

    The Action Plan Advocates assist promoting our Casey's Future Plan and Action Plan throughout the department and across the organisations. All staff are encouraged to discuss the Casey's Future Plan and CYF Action Plan regularly with their colleagues and in their teams. 

    Your Action Plan Advocates are : Rachael Hamilton, Christine Tanner, Rony Alexander, Karen Warrington, Leanne Geddes, Francine Webster, Sherrell Day, Martha McGrath, Elly Whiting,