What are Dog Friendly Spaces?

    Dog Friendly Spaces are areas that are fenced and located within a larger passive open space which encourage dogs and their owners to socialise and exercise within a controlled environment.

    Why do we need Dog Friendly Spaces in Casey?

    -  As housing densities increase and residential block sizes and backyards become smaller, there is a need to provide alternative open space opportunities.

    -  Dog ownership is expected to increase as a correlation with an increasing number of households.

    -  Dog Friendly Spaces provide an outlet for social connectedness and interaction.

    -  Increased community demand and expectation for Dog Friendly Spaces within this municipality. 

    How many Dog Friendly Spaces are recommended for Casey?

    -  A total of 32 Dog Friendly Spaces are recommended for the municipality.

    -  It is proposed to provide 1-2 in each of Casey’s urban Local Areas

    -  There are 5 existing Dog Friendly Spaces within Casey

    -  The Dog Friendly Spaces Plan recommends the development of 9 by developers in the growth areas and 18 are proposed to be funded and installed by Council

    How will we do it?

    -  A priority list of projects has been outlined in the Dog Friendly Spaces Plan to be built over the next 10 years.

    -  Council officers will nominate projects to Council’s Capital Works Program annually.

    How much will they cost?

    The average cost of a Dog Friendly Space is estimated at $75,000 each; which results in an estimated total investment of $1.254 million for Council.