What is a Family & Community Centre?

    A Family and Community Centre is an integrated community centre purpose built to deliver Kindergarten, Maternal & Child Health services as well various multi-purpose community rooms for hire. Community rooms are also utilised for the delivery of programs, services, activities and private functions.

    Where can I find my local Family & Community Centre?

    For a full listing please visit www.casey.vic.gov.au/facilities-hire 

    How do I book a community room at a Family & Community Centre?

    To enquire about availability of a community room at a Family and Community Centre please phone 9705 5200 and request to speak to a member of the Community Facilities Operations team or alternatively email facilitybookings@casey.vic.gov.au

    When will the construction commence?

    Construction is due to commence in September 2020.

    Will everything shown in the concept image be delivered?

    The image is only an artist impression of the concept design. Images are indicative only.

    What will you do with my feedback?

    All data will be collated by Council Officers and any queries responded to as best as practicable. Voting data will nominate the topmost selected option to be presented to the Council Officers for approval as the official name for the facility.