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Council is seeking feedback on the proposed location for a dog friendly space within Endeavour Hills. The City of Casey has been invited by the Department of Energy, Environment, and Climate Action (DEECA) to apply for funding to establish this dog friendly space within Endeavour Hills.

Council officers have assessed over 60 open spaces in Endeavour Hills and curated a shortlist of suitable locations for the communities consideration. There are three potential locations for community feedback. These locations are subject to further detailed site assessments before a final decision is made.

Essex Park Bush Reserve

42 Essex Park Drive, Endeavour Hills

Council has identified Essex Park Drive Reserve as the most suitable location for a proposed dog park.

  • Will allow for a 0.5ha area in accordance within the DFS Policy.
  • The land surface is flat.
  • The reserve has several complimentary recreational elements features including the BMX track, half court, playground and is adjacent to the bushland reserve.
  • The size of the open space will allow for appropriate buffer distances from adjoining properties and from the streetscape.
  • There is on-street parking available to service the reserve.
  • The area is prone to flood, Council with address this with drainage works subject to Melbourne Water approval.
  • It is not centrally located within Endeavour Hills.
Aerial image of Essex Park Bushland Reserve

Clifton Way Reserve

11A Clifton Way, Endeavour Hills (near Clifton Way Reserve Playground)

Aerial image of Clifton Way Reserve
  • The land surface is flat.
  • Site has other recreational elements (playground and walking track).
  • Below the recommended 0.5ha size requirement specified within the DFS Policy.
  • Close proximity to residential properties
  • Limited parking opportunities

Haverstock Hill Reserve

44 Chalcot Drive, Endeavour Hills

Aerial image of Haverstock Hill Reserve
  • The land surface is flat.
  • Whilst it is below the 0.5ha size requirement, it will still allow for an adequately sized dog park.
  • Site has other recreational elements (playground and walking track).
  • Below the recommended 0.5ha size requirement.
  • Northern playground will be required to be relocated to the southern playground. Play spaces are not with in scope to be upgraded.
  • Close proximity to residential properties.
  • Shape of the site limits the dog park to a linear shape.

To apply or for more information, please get in touch via the following methods:

  • Online via the survey on this page
  • Email Sarah Murley, Infrastructure Planner,
  • Phone 9705 5200
  • Post to City of Casey, PO Box 1000 Narre Warren, Victoria 3805
  • Anonymously via the postal, phone or email details above.

Materials can be provided in printed format upon request.

Consultation closes 5pm, 12 April 2024

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