How are decisions made regarding open space, sport and recreation facilities?

    When visiting your favourite places to be active in, you may have noticed some differences from one venue to the next. For example, the local park you walk to has a playground, but the big park in the next suburb has a barbecue as well as a playground. Why?

    Open space, sport and recreation facilities need a guide to plan, design, develop and manage them, and we have a number of strategies to help (you can have a look at these strategies by browsing our Document Library). These guides were developed over time by speaking with local communities, and other groups such as sports clubs and government agencies. They are reviewed regularly to make sure they are kept up to date.

    In these guides, facilities are sorted into groups according to whether they service a local need, through to whether they attract people from a wider region. These groups give an indication as to how the facilities will be used, and in turn what size they should be, where they should be located, and what infrastructure they will need to support the community to use them. When comparing facilities against these standards opportunities to make improvements are identified, and fed into the Council Capital Works Program for consideration.

    Why do you ask for my personal information in the survey?

    We are all different, and have different needs when using open space, sport and recreation facilities. The personal information survey questions are optional, and the information provided will help us to ensure that these community facilities cater for everyone.

    What will happen with my suggestions?

    Your feedback will be used to make improvements to open space, such as fixing areas that need maintenance. We will also use your feedback to see if there are any gaps in the facilities and services we provide, and update the strategies that guide those facilities and services. Ideas will also be considered for inclusion in future Capital Works Programs.