How does Council decide what facilities are needed?

    We work off catchment areas when evaluating what facilities should be provided in parks. The residents within Alarah are already within 1km of a barbecue (Trueman Reserve), so we would not provide one at Ercildoune.

    They are currently in a gap area for playground equipment (400m local catchment), but this will be rectified when the Elysian development to the east comes online, noting this could be a couple of years away. I’ve provided a snip below showing the local catchment areas of each of the parks with playgrounds.

    The Cranbourne West PSP does recommend that passive recreation uses should be provided at Ercildoune (open lawn areas, seating, shade, paths). There could be an opportunity for natural landscape elements to double as nature play – would provide local play opportunities but also be sympathetic to the historical function of the site.