Why is council establsihing a gender equality working group?

    In 2018 Council received a special grant from the Minister for Women aimed at improving women's and children's safety and reducing family violence within The City of Casey. As part of this funding Council agreed to create a gender equality toolkit and set of guidelines that Council will adopt across of future planning, development and building. These guidelines aim to create a gendered lens across all of council, ultimately improving the input from women within our community, increasing women's and children's participation in community life and reducing violence against women. 

    Council are creating the working group to administer a newly developed audit tool, looking at our existing spaces, places and infrastructure sow e can better design our future city. 

    How will the working group be selected?

    Appointments will be made by expression of interest and invitation open to the whole community. Selection will aim to closely resemble the Casey community profile (ABS Census 2016) - according to gender, age, Council ward, English as first language, place of birth, employment and living status.

    If you have applied to be part of the working group, you can expect to hear from us by 29 March 2019 to find out if you have been successful.

    What will the working group involve?

    • Attendance at 2 to 3 site visits within Casey in one afternoon or morning (eg 3 to 4 hours of your time)
    • A group discussion
    • Some email contact and input
    • Participation in online forums and discussions

    In agreeing to be a part of the Working Group you will be required to attend, and participate in all two or three site visits (one field trip of 3 to 4 hours). You will also be expected to arrive on time, and remain for the duration of the field trip, or if you are unavoidably delayed, to communicate this to Council.

    Throughout the process you will be expected to take advantage of the information provided to learn as much as you can, to treat all people in a respectful and courteous manner, and allow others to express their views.

    What is the purpose of the working group?

    The working group is being formed to provide essential input from community members into the safety of our city for women and children. 

    The voice of the community is important to us in developing our future guidelines in creating a safer and more inviting city. The working group provides council with an advisory group for improving our tools in assessing the safety of our environment and is aprt of designing the set of guidelines for our gender equality lens to be implemented across all of councils future developments. 

    Do I need to have any expert knowledge to particpiate?

    No. The ‘expertise’ we are looking for is that you care about, and are interested in the future of Casey, including, but not limited to, the neighbourhood you live, work or invest in.

    Will I be paid for my time in the working group?

    No, the working group is a voluntary group.