Project Information

The Good Governance Framework (the Framework) has been created to combine elements of four key Council documents into one place, and we want you to have your say on it.

In the past, the City of Casey has used these four documents to measure and guide the organisation’s approach to good governance.

These documents are:

  • The Governance and Integrity Framework (adopted July 2019)
  • The Governance Strategy (adopted September 2019)
  • The Governance Audit & Action Plan (adopted April 2020), and
  • The Integrity Action Plan (adopted July 2020).

It is Council's intention that The Framework will encapsulate the main themes, as well as the guiding principles, from each of these documents and replace them with one overarching framework.

The Framework has eight key themes:

  • Direction and Leadership
  • Culture and Behaviour
  • Structure Systems and Policies
  • Decision-Making
  • Communication and Community Engagement
  • Capability
  • Risk and Compliance, and
  • Monitoring and Review.

The Framework will be a key document to embed good governance principles during, and post the term of the Panel of Administrators and provide a key legacy artifact of the work the Administrators have undertaken to improve and strengthen governance at the City of Casey.

The community will be able to provide their feedback on the Draft Good Governance Framework up until 30 November, after which it will be considered by Council and formally endorsed.

Please have your say by completing a submission below by 30 November 2021.

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