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Project info

Council is seeking feedback on its proposed Governance Rules.

Due to recent changes in Victorian legislation, all Victorian Councils and regional libraries are required to amend their Governance Rules to allow a flexible approach to conducting Council meetings, where required, on a permanent basis from 2 September 2022. The changes will enable Councils to continue to represent their communities and make critical decisions using existing opportunities and/or technology where situations arise needing an alternative meeting method, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the Governance Rules will enable both a virtual (on-line only) as well as a hybrid (on-line via the Live Stream and in-person) setting, it is Council’s position that Council meetings should continue to be held in person at Bunjil Place, and to only enact a virtual setting in limited circumstances. Council welcomes and encourages members of the community to attend its meetings in person or to view the meeting via the Facebook Live Stream.

Submissions are invited on the proposed Governance Rules and must be received by 5.00 pm Monday 22 August 2022.

Where do I view the draft policy?

You can download a copy of the proposed Governance Rules from the Document Library below or alternatively you may request a physical copy and collect from Bunjil Place.

How do I make my submission?

Any person affected by the proposals may make a written submission relating to the draft document by completing the submission form below.

You can also make a submission in the following ways:

By Email: Please include “Governance Rules” in the subject line.

Mail: PO Box 1000 Narre Warren, Victoria 3805. Please include “Governance Rules” as the reference.

In Person: Bunjil Place – 2 Patrick Northeast Drive, Narre Warren 3805. Please include “Governance Rules” as the reference to your submission.

Submissions will be received up to 5.00 pm Monday 22 August 2022.