Why was the policy reviewed?

    The City of Casey reviews all policies on a bi-annual schedule.  This provides an opportunity to ensure policies are relevant and current.  In reviewing Council’s Grants and Contributions Policy, officers examined Council’s funding and grant programs in the context of current community needs, a new Council Plan, Council’s Customer Focus Strategy and continuous improvement.

    What did the consultation involve?

    The review process involved:

    ·  External stakeholder consultation through a broad community survey which received 231 responses.

    ·  Internal stakeholder consultation with 22 Council officers involved in grants.

    ·  A desk top review of the guidelines, administrative procedures, assessment processes and reporting arrangements for the different grant programs offered by Council.

    ·  Benchmarking across 14 local governments

    ·  Reference to research and reports from the Australian Institute of Grants Management (AIGM) and Auditor General Victoria.

    What different grant programs will come under this policy?

    »  Achievement Grants

    »  Arts Development Grants

    »  Biodiversity Incentive Scheme Grants

    »  Commonwealth and Home Support Program (CHSP) Social Support Groups

    »  Community Grants

    »  Community Service Contributions program

    »  Environmental Sustainability Grants

    »  Equipment and Training Grants

    »  Home and Community Care (HACC)  Planned Activity Groups

    »  Heritage Grants

    »  Large Events Funding

    »  Quick Response Grants

    Council also has a Minor Capital Works at Community Facilities grants program which will continue to have its own policy.

    Why have a community development focus?

    Community development principles underpin Council’s approach to grant making.  Grant programs are developed and administered in the context of community development and the principles of responsiveness, equity, inclusiveness, capacity building and collaboration are reflected in grant practices.

    The development of a community is more than the bricks and mortar or physical infrastructure of a community. Emphasis should also be placed upon identifying and blending the values, needs and aspirations of residents, community members, Council, and other appropriate stakeholders for the benefit of all involved. This includes:

    ·  Providing opportunities for residents to meaningfully participate in decision making processes that affect their community.

    ·  Supporting individuals and communities through the provision of resources and fostering of partnerships between individuals and within communities.

    ·  Assisting with the development of strong and resilient communities that have the ability to identify and meet the communities’ needs, achieve self-reliance, contribute to solutions and support their own advocacy efforts.

    Why do we need a Grants Policy?

    The Grants Policy outlines Council’s commitments and responsibilities in providing grants to the community. It provides guidelines for the consistent management of grant programs across Council. The policy provides confidence, understanding and transparency for the community in setting out a statement about how Council will develop, manage and administer its grant programs.

    What happens next?

    After reviewing the feedback we received, Council officers have prepared a draft Grants Policy. This was endorsed by Council for public exhibition at its meeting on 5 September 2017.

    Once we receive and review your comments on this draft Policy, Council officers will make any final adjustments to the document and it will be taken to Council for adoption later this year.

    Will I be able to provide feedback?

    Yes! We think your input is important and vital to Council's goals in achieving a relevant Grants Policy. As such, Council is committed to continuous engagement throughout the process.

    Have a question?

    If you have any further questions regarding City of Casey grants, you can contact us at any of the following:

    Email: communitygrants@casey.vic.gov.au

    Phone: (03) 9705 5200

    Mail: PO Box 1000, Narre Warren VIC 3805