Why are you doing a review of the Hard Waste Service?

    To ensure Council is providing an efficient service that meets the needs of the community.

    What will you do with my feedback?

    Council will use the feedback received through this survey to help improve the service, inform the tender for a new Hard Waste contract and ensure that we are meeting the needs of the community now and into the future.

    Why does Council provide a Hard Waste service?

    For the community to dispose of large items that do not fit in the normal residential waste bin.

    How do I book a Hard Waste collection?

    A Hard Waste collection can be booked through the City of Casey website via the following link: Book a Hard Waste Collection or by calling Cleanaway on 9729 9100.

    Who is entitled to a Hard Waste pick up?

    All residents of Casey and community groups running programs/activities from Council owned Community Centres as well as sporting and recreational facilities.

    Why doesn’t the Council pick up hard waste for everyone on set dates?

    Casey have a booked collection service, as it offers flexibility to service users and offers best value for the community. Residents can book a collection when they need it rather than having to wait for a set date/week.

    How does the Hard Waste service work?

    Collections are sorted based on the item for example items that are not recyclable are sent to landfill, items that are recyclable and/or re-usable are sent to local resource recovery centres. This means that you may see two separate trucks collecting hard waste items.