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Do you currently have broadband access?

about 9 years ago

  • AbbysMum almost 9 years ago
    Partial Broadband access. The local exchange is not to due to be upgraded however, the area is under development. This rises the issue for me as to how much input council has on the infrastructure provided to purchasers in newly created estates by the developers. Whilst it is fine to collect rates and funds from building from people, I see it in return as your moral responsibility to ensure correct and adequate infrastructure is provided by the developers.
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator almost 9 years ago
      Thank you for your comment. The City of Casey is mandating that the conduits for the fibre cables be placed in the ground at the time of development. However, Council cannot require developers to provide the fibre cables for broadband.
      • AbbysMum almost 9 years ago
        I hear that at the time of writing this seems to be an impossibility due to possibly a number of reasons, the main one being it is not contained within the currant legislation. Is it possible to lobby to have the legislation changed in line with what the Federal Govt. aims and ambitions are, of a National roll out of Broadband. If the infrastructure was put in place with construction of new estates the cost would ultimately be reduced not to mention a reduction in waiting time for broadband. Question, is it tetra who is putting in the conduit? and what sort of means for communication are they putting into the infrastructure for communication at present?
  • steven_kwong almost 9 years ago
    i been living in the area (lyndhurst) for almost 2 yrs, and i still can't get any internet services, thx telstra putting the stupid pair gain system for the area, so we cannot get anything all all, i wonder how much longer they will take to get that system off! with the pair gain system, u can't get adsl, adsl2, cable..... thx telstra again to install the cables but not sharing internet services when i just live a 200 metres away from lyndhurst primary school!
  • Maeve almost 9 years ago
    I have recently noticed that City of Casey has a Casey Conversations where one can state there frustrations with a particular topic, mine is Broadband ADSL and I did not realise how many others are suffering like me, and would like to stress that I have been experiencing daily difficulties in trying to get "online" the majority of the time for the last 6 months. I end up giving up due to sheer frustration and log out and keep trying until I am successful. There has to be a better way, lets hope that this problem is fixed "soon".
  • Stephen over 8 years ago
    I live in the Narre Warren South area and have just been approved under the National Broadband Guarantee to receive satellite broadband, it’s not the fastest (I’m told its ADSL1 speeds) the government has paid for the installation . It’s a slow process to work through, costs a little more but the benefit is that I don’t experience the dropouts, congestion slowdowns or problems associated with wireless. I will still push for ADSL2 I just consider this as a step closer
  • coxfamoz over 8 years ago
    There are many frustrated people with the lack of broadband choice. In the Marriott Waters estate, Lyndhurst, there is a pair gain system with not enough ports for all the providers. Also the choice and speed of broadband is terrible. I am currently using wireless (which drops out a lot) because of the lack of choice. I think that when developing new areas that future proof technologies should be mandatory and that older areas should be upgraded. Not quite sure how that will be achieved though :-(