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Please share your thoughts / experiences on broadband access in the City of Casey

about 9 years ago

  • Mauricio almost 9 years ago
    Being attached to the Hallam exchange, i had a number of issues with broadband, there were not enough providers part of that exchange which could provide any reasonably priced services. There are quite a number of friends in the Narre Warren south/ Hampton Park area which have no access at all to broadband and its been years, this is a big let down, specially knowing that these people pay their rates expecting the services that should in this day in time be basic services.Lets hope the council can come to the party in order to provide these services which will keep their "customers" getting value for money.
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator almost 9 years ago
      Thank you for your comment Mauricio.The City of Casey agrees that the level of broadband access across the municipality is patchy and can be frustrating for residents, which is why the issue is a key part of Council’s advocacy program. Local councils are not responsible for providing broadband services; they can only encourage telecommunications companies and other third party providers who are responsible for broadband services, to improve the quality and coverage of broadband across municipalities.The City of Casey is encouraging residents to add their details to Council’s Broadband Register (link available in the library on this site or on Council’s website at so we can use this information to continue to lobby for better broadband services for Casey residents and businesses.
      • AbbysMum almost 9 years ago
        What, if any, specifications in relation to phone and broadband services, can Casey impose upon developers when initial planning and approvals are sort from council for estates?
        • Admin Commented Casey Administrator almost 9 years ago
          Thank you for your question. The City of Casey is mandating that the conduits for the fibre cables be placed in the ground at the time of development. However, Council cannot require developers to provide the fibre cables for broadband.
          • AbbysMum almost 9 years ago
            As I see it , due to world development in the last 25 year and the fact that most business are conducted with computer access I believe it is a necessity. If not for business then for people, whether they be children or return to education adults, or maybe even people trying to better their circumstance and obtaining higher education, in these circumstances internet access is imperative and should be available. The Federal Govt seems intent on making available to ALL homes a Broadband network and once the conduit has been laid it takes very little to fill that conduit when it is laid. A renovation and a catch up seems to be the way of major companies and Govt Depts these days and it increases costs and results in cost blow outs and inconvenience to the public.That council or Govt. fails to see and accommodate this with it's building code is sad, especially when Casey, as stated on anther community conversation post states, it has such poorly credentialed residents and is in need of social support. This being the case it would appear that some consolidating council guide lines need to be drawn up.
  • Vinita almost 9 years ago
    We used to live in Chadstone and hardly ever had any issues. Since we moved to Hampton Park the quality of connection is a quarter of the speed even though we are on the same internet plan. Every other evening we suffer from complete disconnects of the modem or a very high rate of packet loss.
  • DextaFERN almost 9 years ago
    There is a sub-exchange near Amberly Park in Narre Warren South which we are connected to. After our broadband slowed a couple of months ago, we called our ISP support line. While trying to fix the problem we learnt that, even before it slowed, we are paying for an 8Mbps plan but we are only getting 4Mbps because the sub-exchnage in Amberly Park does not have the appropriate hardware to give us the 8Mbps we pay for.So while it seems that Telstra has got this area (Casey) pretty well covered, other ISP's, such as ours, need to start installing better hardware in more exchanges.
    • Spanrz over 8 years ago
      You are probably on a RIM (fibre) to the Sub Exchange. It's a Telstra decision, because to open it up to 8mbps for everyone, apparently it will cause a lot of congestion. If you are on copper line to the Sub, you may achieve 8mbps.Unfortunately it's not a Casey issue or problem, it's a commercial decision from Telstra.The Sub Exchange has only Telstra equipment in it and it is full. Any ISP can install their equipment into the Sub Exchange framework, but they only have the choice of building a new hut outside of the Sub building, and connecting their services on to that. The cost effectiveness of this, is not good. An ISP may spend a million or 2, to support a small customer base.To you and me, it's a lot of people in this area, but to them it's a drop in the ocean.What needs to happen, is Casey to petition Telstra to build a new exchange, but that won't happen, due to the NBN coming (when it comes). Hassling the local Fed MP won't help either, I've done that for years, they just say anymore "pffffft, you have access to wireless, use it". Not the point though.
  • buzz13 almost 9 years ago
    I live in a 3 year old estate which is serviced by the Lyndhurst exchange in Robjant St. Prior to moving here I lived in Emerald & then an old part of Dandenong West. In both locations access to ADSL2+ was available & reliable. With old copper in Dandy we often had 12-14M bandwidth of a theoretical 24M (pretty good really for "old copper"). Now we have new technology including (I am told) fibre from the exchange to the main entrance of the estate, ADSL2+ is not available. We have ADSL with a theoretical max. speed of 8M. The best I have been able to achieve is 1.5M & usually only 512K. ADSL2+ is not available because the hardware is not compatible with the new technology (?). Bring on 4G mobile at reasonable prices, because I don't want to wait 9 years for the NBN to get what I already had 4 years ago in Dandenong.
  • localmum almost 9 years ago
    I live just off Pound Road, Narre Warren South. There are 25,000 people in our area. Most of us don't have access to broadband. We have been told the exchange is at its limit and there are no plans for upgrade. Just like roads, public transport, parks, retail precincts and community facilities, broadband is an essential infrastructure in a growing community. This is now an established community. Residents in the area deserve better. Our home-based businesses, school kids, those studying online and those trying to get some work-life balance by ditching the commute and working from home now and again deserve better. It is also very annoying that even though this is the case, we still get door-to-door sales people walking around trying to sell plans for products we are not eligible for. The people working on commission selling these plans are being taken for a ride by the telcos and I've even stood on my front doorstep with one of these young people and rung up the usually major telco they are selling plans for and proved it to them. When it comes to broadband access, particularly in well populated areas, I think Council should be shouting a bit louder on the issue. This is not a rural area anymore and we shouldn't put up with being treated as anything other than a major population centre.
  • halfbreeds almost 9 years ago
    I used to run a home business and the only internet I could get when I moved into Narre Warren South was mobile. Three years on and I still can't get it. Trying to run a business without fast and reliable telecommunications is impossible. Mobile internet is slow and drops out too often. Also the plans just don't compare to broadband so not only do I get crappy service I also have to pay a whole lot more than my neighbours, who all have broadband! How can a new estate be approved to be built without ensuring that telecommunications infrastructure is provided to ALL residents. This is the 21st Century folks - come on!!!
  • elphie007 over 8 years ago
    Having moved from Kew to Lynbrook, I'm amazed that planning laws allowed poor quality telco infrastructure to be installed in a new estate. I had faster Internet access via 50 year old copper than I do in a four year old home. I find it quite disappointing that due to poor planning laws this is possible. The estates in Lynbrook aren't old enough to pre-date the Internet, so why haven't the laws been adjusted to match. Mobile coverage can't cut it for always-on business grade Internet usage. If I knew it would be this bad I'd have reconsidered moving out further from the CBD than Sunbury.
  • graham over 8 years ago
    We have had ADSL Broadband in Narre Warren South now for several years. In the last four months it has slowed during late afternoons, evenings and on weekends. During these times it is SLOWER than dialup, and sometimes drops out all together. We are not getting the service we have paid for. ... We are in the 21st century!? Telco's and the Federal Government, please listen to your constituents and solve this problem!
    • Beanz98 over 8 years ago
      Hey, I've the exact same problem! About 4 months ago it went right downhill!Apparently I used to be on a RIM and could only get ADSL1 (8MBit) but I have now been moved back to the main exchange and can now sync at ADSL2 speeds. I only discovered this after I churned from Exetel to Internode.I get great speeds some of the time, but exactly as you described it, evenings and weekends it slows to a total crawl.After reading some of the comments here, I suppose I should be thankful I can get ADSL at all! I run a home based business and NEED a good internet connection to do so.I live in Berwick Springs just off Greaves Road in Narre South.
  • Ellen over 8 years ago
    Extremelly frusturated that unable to get any sort of adsl in narre warrn south ( off greaves road), whats more confusing is my neighbour has adsl2 and i keep getting told Im to far from server. Council you really need to step in and do something... so many of us cant get any internet, I understand the the nbn is coming out, but that could take 10 years.... something needs to be done!! I really think if council pushes hard enough something will be done...