Summary of Amendment C198

over 2 years ago

  1. Encourage higher density residential development close to activity centres
    The amendment proposes to change planning controls on land close to activity centres (i.e. shopping complexes) to allow for higher density housing.
  2. Recommend where 2,000 m2 (half acre) lot subdivision can occur in the Low Density Residential Zone
    In certain areas of Low Density Residential Zone land, an application to subdivide and create 2,000m2 (half acre) lots will be allowed, other areas will keep the existing control that only allows a minimum 4,000m2 (one acre) lot to be created.
  3. Protect the character of the "Hoddle grid" to the north-east of Berwick Village
    The area to the north-east of Berwick Village (generally bounded by the Princes Highway, Brisbane Street & Cardinia Street) has a recognised neighbourhood character that Council is seeking to preserve through application of the Neighbourhood Residential Zone.